Ranking the Toughest Monsters in Wild Hearts from Mild to Wild

Wild Hearts from EA Games is more than just a clone of Capcom’s Monster Hunter Series, offering its own take on different monsters, items, and combat system. If you want to embrace the thrill of duking it out against fearsome behemoths, this is a great opportunity — just don’t expect things to come easy. There are plenty of new mechanics to explore and challenges to overcome. And before you start, you might want to know the ranking of the toughest monsters in Wild Hearts.

10. Earthbreaker

Image Source: EA Games

The Earthbreaker shows up in campaign quests only, so you won’t encounter this Kemono as much as you will others, but you still need to know about it. This monster is earth-based meaning it has huge rock armor that is resistant to most standard physical attacks. This is the baseline for all foes in this game; large, intimidating, and packs a punch. A really BIG punch (you were warned)!

Invincible it is not, however, since the way to defeat this baddie is by aiming only for the small weak points that will open up more vulnerable sections when you deal enough damage to them. His attacks are predictable and sluggish, giving you plenty of time to go for his weak points. His immense size also makes him easy to keep track of and avoid. Bigger isn’t always better…

9. Gritdog

Image Source: EA Games

Ah, Gritdog aka Japanese Tanuki. Don’t let its cute exterior fool you, this guy gets savage real quick. With a magnetic field, Gritdog dons ironsand metallic armor and launches ranged attacks. You’ll also have to watch out for its karakuri-like structures — which are contraptions built to give players a hard time by dragging them closer or forming stalactites to do some major damage.

This enemy is increasingly more challenging because of this ability to create obstacles on the map to hinder your movement. The best way to defeat the Gritdog is to play it safe until its ironsand resources run out, opening up the perfect time to attack while it gathers more. Be mindful of its manifested structures and you’ll have an easier time. If not, well then, you’ll just feel like you stepped in a pile of dog poop.

8. Sapscourge

Image Source: EA Games

Sapscourge is another animal-inspired Kemono that doesn’t seem immediately threatening, but even if it looks relatively small, it does have some seriously potent attacks. For starters, this tree-like creature is a ranged attacker that can be difficult to approach. That difficulty is amped up because you can’t simply peg the monster from afar while keeping a safe distance. It will peg you back.

As the Sapscourge flings its special sap attacks at its prey, the goop doesn’t just do damage — it has negative status effects too. The sap can either deliver an instant KO or it will form a sticky material that traps players to the ground. Your best bet when battling this guy is to stay focused on its tail to eliminate its sap attacks ASAP. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself in a sticky situation trying to pluck out a weed that just won’t go away.

7. Onyxshard

Image Source: EA Games

You’ll feel like you’re battling a Super Saiyan 3 ultra-realistic Sonic the Hedgehog when you meet the Onyxshard. This giant hedgehog and porcupine hybrid has immense spikes that shoot from its back at long range. It can also conjure up rocks under its target or make fissures for them to fall into no matter where they are. Do your best to stay on the move whether you attack this Kemono up close or from a distance.

It’s easy to grow frustrated since this Kemono is dangerous from any distance and you can’t really catch a break whether you’re fighting up close or from afar. Additionally, its ability to home into a player’s position means that those stalactites are powerful. When fighting this monster, players will have to stay on the move and constantly react to long-range attacks and dangerously transforming terrain. Robotnik ain’t got nothing on this rude dude.

6. Cobalt Lavaback

Image Source: EA Games

The Cobalt Lavaback is a variation of the regular red Lavaback, but this blue one is an amped-up version that does way more damage. You’ll encounter the same assault of attacks from this monster’s high mobility and the enormous lava fireballs it throws straight at you. And to make matters worse, not only do you still have to watch out for its ability to make lava erupt from under you, you now have to deal with the freezing environment where this Kemono dwells and the melting ice or hot water it creates.

Just like the previous entry, this brute has homing attacks that can sometimes feel OP. This means players can’t try and camp to snipe nor can they find a place to rest and hide for too long. Furthermore, anytime you fight the Cobalt Lavaback, the entire environment itself is a challenging hazard that makes the battle even more obnoxious and painstakingly difficult. This is one battle where being cool is… well, not cool.

5. Venomglider

Image Source: EA Games

The Venomglider is an advanced evolution of the Spineglider that now has powerful poison to take you out. With spider lilies all over its flying body, it will be difficult to stay close to this critter without taking plenty of damage. One trick is to attack the areas where this Kemono climbs with ranged attacks to maintain a safe distance from its poison clouds.

This battle is one that really starts to put your combat skills to the extreme test. You’ll have to try and hit a smaller constantly moving target and it has negative status effects that it likes to generously give you, against your will. Fighting the Venomglider requires getting a good sense of rhythm going to keep up your attacks, dodge its poison, and avoid its heavy hits. You’ll never look at your friendly neighborhood squirrel the same way again.

4. Deathstalker

Image Source: Sony

The Deathstalker shows players what top tier monsters are like without a doubt. It’s incredibly fast and agile, while also hitting hard for major damage. Equipped with ice armor, this Kemono has resilience on its side, making it an all-around powerhouse in terms of speed, power, and defense. And to make matters worse, as the battle rages on, this canine will only power up and get stronger the more you reduce its HP. It will attack faster and from farther distances making this one heck of a fight.

To successfully fight the Deathstalker, especially as efficiently as possible, you’ll need to pay extra attention to your loadout and skills to have an edge. Punishing attacks and building multiple hammer structures will help you achieve stuns against this Kemono. You’ll also use your Karakuri to build walls to assist you against the Deathstalker’s charging attack by protecting yourself and stunning the beast. This monster forces players to truly take advantage of the Karakuri building mechanics while learning to focus on using specific counter skills to get the most out of their character build.

3. Pearlbeak

Image Source: EA Games

The Pearlbeak is a giant crow-like bird that’s a more evolved version of the Fumebeak, and is just as frustrating to fight against. It is able to fly all over the place, making it difficult to attack and hit. In addition to that, the Pearlbeak shoots light that can blind you, rendering you temporarily defenseless and overall more difficult to surmount. And once it starts making cannonball flying attacks against you, your camera and head will start spinning to keep up with it.

When you do get close, it has a powerful aura explosion that does massive damage unless you run away as soon as you see it building up. Additionally, players must learn to quickly understand and predict how this avian menace’s attacks behave and combo together. The Pearlbeak has one of the most combo-intensive line of attacks that barrage you nonstop if you’re not careful. Every time you fight one of these beasts, it will definitely do more than just ruffle your feathers.

2. Golden Tempest

Image Source: EA Games

The Golden Tempest is one of, if not the largest monster in the game. This Kemono is just as fast as it is strong while exercising control over the element of wind. Be prepared for whirlwind projectiles and gusts of wind that knock you out of position. What makes this feline so difficult when compared to the rest is the sheer amount of damage it does with just one hit. And to top it off, it strikes with incredible speed and a large offensive hit box, meaning you’ll get hit a lot. It also has AoE attacks and near-impossible to dodge rush attacks. It can just stand in place and stare you down knowing how powerful it is.

On the upside, due to its gigantic size, this kitty is easy to hit. But don’t be fooled into thinking you can just rush and flail your weapon recklessly. You’ll still need to play some hit-and-run rather than going head-on against this foe. And you’ll need to use a lot of healing to stay in the game. This beast will put your mettle to the test and measure your resilience unlike any other in this game so far. Slaying this Kemono is like going for the gold.

1. Amaterasu

Image Source: Sony

Amaterasu is obviously inspired by the legendary phoenix and deserves to be an epic monster that players will fight at the end of the campaign story mode. What makes this the most powerful Kemono is how it hits just as hard as the mighty Golden Tempest, but if that weren’t enough, it also flies like the Pearlbeak. Talk about a legendary combination, yo.

Simply put; this beast has the complete package. From spiked feather range projectiles to mad dash ramming attacks, melee wing slashes, all the way to powerful energy blasts, the sheer variety of its attacks are super damaging. Amaterasu also has the ability to draw thread energy from the area and then unleash expansive AoE attacks onto all targets at once. When engaged with this fowl customer, you’ll need to factor in your environment and positioning in order to stand a chance. Additionally, players must learn to time their attacks perfectly and dodge just the same.

This is the boss monster of all boss monsters in Wild Hearts, requiring eager hunters to bring everything they got to the battlefield, and then some. Good luck, because you’ll find yourself getting defeated and resurrected multiple times just trying to slay this beast once. Oh, the irony…

Now that you know the ranking of the toughest monsters in Wild Hearts from mild to wild, it’s time to head into the hunt! If you still aren’t convinced about this game, check out our Wild Hearts review to help you decide. Keep checking back with Twinfinite for more valuable articles on this action RPG monster hunting game.

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