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RanSim Ransomware Simulator will tell you if your computer is protected


Ransomware is putting the entire Internet in peril and the worst part is that many users still don’t deem it necessary to protect themselves from the same. For instance, despite being online for my work the entire day I myself was surprised to find that my entire computer could be taken hostage by Ransomware despite using an Antivirus software. Last year itself the Ransomware industry was pegged at a whopping $1-Billion and the amount is only increasing.

If you are still oblivious to what a Ransomware it, let us explain it to you. Ransomware is malware that takes control of your system, encrypts the files and then demands a ransom in order to give the encryption key. The perfect analogy for this would be the typical example of how Terrorists negotiate with the Government after taking the civilians as hostages. The situation is so bad that on the Dark Web, Ransomware is being offered as a Service, meaning anyone could rent a Ransomware and make money from the hostages.

While some pf us may take the proper steps to prevent ransomware and even install anti-ransomware software, how would we know if we are properly protected? This is where a ransomware simulator software like RanSim can help you. RanSim Ransomware Simulator checks your Windows systems preparedness for a Ransomware attack by simulating different types of attacks & informing you which files are vulnerable.

RanSim ransomware simulator software

Ransomware Simulator, RanSim is one of the best bet to check and see if you are protected from the Ransomware as it simulates an actual ransomware attack, as well as checks for your file system for vulnerabilities. RanSim simulates multiple types of Ransomware attack in order to ensure that your system is safe. The best part is that all of this is done without actually harming your data and the real strain test is carried out on all of the files and file systems on your PC.


RanSim simulates multiple types of Ransomware attacks in order to warn you about the state of security on your computer system. The best part is that all of this is done without actually harming your data and the real strain test is carried out on all of the files and file systems on your computer.

The tool tests your PC for the following ransomware attacks – InsideCryptor, LockyVariant, Mover, Replacer, Streamer, StrongCryptor, StrongCryptorFast, StrongCrytptorNet, ThorVariant, WeakCryptor ransomware currently.

To be able to install RanSim, you may need to temporarily turn off your antivirus program, though I didn’t have any problem with Windows Defender – the only security software I have installed – but some antivirus programs might block the installation.

Once installed, reactivate your antivirus software, if you had disabled it and then click on the Check now button. The tool will scan your computer and call out your unsafe files and folders. I was personally surprised and equally taken back when I saw that all my files were vulnerable to a handful of Ransomware.

RanSim ransomware simulator software

RanSim also goes a step further and tells you which type of files are more vulnerable via a pie chart. Also, the dashboard displays the list of Ransomware that can attack your system successfully and the disk partition they will affect the most.

The program has been developed by knowbe4.com but to download it from its home page, you have to fill in all your details like name, address, email ID, etc. So it is better that you download it from here.

Let us know how your Windows system performed.


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