Raptor Lake: up to 40% gain over Alder Lake?

Intel marked its return with a particularly sharp Alder Lake range. But the blues do not intend to stop there since the third quarter, Raptor Lake (the 13th generation) will arrive, while remaining compatible with the platform and the current socket. Intel has officially started to communicate on this future generation and as we had already announced, we will be on something much more significant than a simple refresh.

More Cores – More Threads for Raptor Lake

According to the latest leaks, the 13th generation Intel Raptor Lake processors will offer up to 15% gains in single thread and a dramatic 40% jump in multithreaded performance. The main explanation for this leap is that the Raptor Lake processors will use the all-new Raptor Cove cores which are much more optimized. The other change will be in the number of cores. This will increase from 16 to 24. The top of the range of the 13 th generation will have a configuration with 24 cores (8+16) and 32 threads (16+16). This information can be considered as official since it was confirmed by Intel during its Investors Day 2022 conference.

investor-day-2022-intel Raptor Lake Finally, the other evolution will concern the quantity of cache. This one should also be up for the 13th generation. According to the last speculations, we could have the following configurations:

  • Intel Core i9 K-Series (8 Raptor Cove + 16 Gracemont) = 24 cores / 32 threads / 68 MB ?
  • Intel Core i7 K-Series (8 Raptor Cove + 8 Gracemont) = 16 cores / 24 threads / 54 MB ?
  • Intel Core i5 K-Series (6 Raptor Cove + 8 Gracemont) = 14 cores / 20 threads / 44 MB ?
  • Intel Core i5 S-Series (6 Raptor Cove + 4 Gracemont) = 14 cores / 16 threads / 37 MB ?
  • Intel Core i3 S-Series (4 Raptor Cove + 0 Gracemont) = 4 cores / 8 threads / 20 MB ?
  • Intel Pentium S-Series (2 Raptor Cove + 0 Gracemont) = 4 cores / 4 threads / 10 MB ?

The launch date of Raptor Lake seems to be positioned for the end of this summer. As for Alder Lake, the “K” versions should arrive at the launch.

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