Razer Gaming Smartphone: 5 Expected Features

    The rumored Razer smartphone might be revealed at the start of next month — the company has released a teaser which hints that the company is launching its next product on Nov.1. The company which is known for its gaming PCs and peripherals, is expected to reveal its first smartphone soon.

    While the company has not clearly said that it is working on a smartphone, they have given out hints, like the CEO saying that the company’s next device would be a “mobile” device. The teaser says “watch, listen, play” and shows a device small enough to be a smartphone.

    The company has also recently bought Nextbit, a company which made cloud-based smartphones, indicating its interest in the smartphone market. However, Razer might not be aiming to compete with Apple or Samsung — it is expected to come out with a smartphone focussed on gaming.

    Here are some of the expected features of the upcoming smartphone:

    High-end gaming: The Razer smartphone is expected to be one of its kind — it might be one of the first smartphones dedicated to gaming after the Nokia N-Gage, which launched in 2003. It is expected to be compatible with high-end games such as “DOTA 2”, “Overwatch” and “No Man’s Sky,” which in a VR headset would make them all the more engaging. These games have never been available for high-end gaming on smartphones, but chances are that Razer might have a compatible, powerful smartphone that can finally let players enjoy these games on such smaller devices.

    4K display: The Razer smartphone may have a 4K display, which might be necessary for gaming on a smaller device. While most high-end gamers use 4k displays, even when it comes to PCs, a smartphone will need better graphics, considering the frame rates required by a smaller screen and the need for creating an engaging experience on a smaller display. This also entails that it might be 5G compatible, since it will need fast data speeds to support such graphics.

    Twitch compatibility: Many Razor fans have commented on its forum that the upcoming device might be either compatible with Twitch — a specialized gaming network or come with a new gaming network. Game-play streaming is one of the biggest trends in gaming and a smartphone with such connectivity might make streaming game-play easier for users.

    VR gaming: Chances are that the smartphone could be compatible with standard VR headsets such as the HTC Vive and allow players to experience game-play in virtual reality. Virtual reality gaming intensifies a graphic heavy experience and while smartphones currently have VR compatibility, a smartphone specially tailored to create VR experiences for high-end games would be appealing to a large number of gamers.

    Multi-player gaming: The device might also be compatible with multi-player gaming, which could result in coordination with either other Razer smartphones or PCs. Multi-player gaming might increase the smartphone’s appeal to players who play games such as “Overwatch,” which consists of tournaments and even a world cup.