Razer Purple optical keyswitch details emerge

By | August 5, 2020

Razer is currently working on optical keyboard keyswitches which are, for now, dubbed Razer Purple keyswitches. These first optical switch technology developments come as the company grows in confidence. Razer started by effectively cloning other well-know mechanical gaming keyswitches for its own range of gaming keyboards before fine tuning its range of switches, gaining dedicated keyswitch production facilities, and innovating with tech such as mecha-membrane keyboards, and ultra-low profile mech switches last year.

Tech site Tom’s Hardware has the first details about the work being done on Razer’s optical switches. It says the development will see its first fruits around the end of this year / early next. Razer is said to be working on fine tuning its optical keyswitch characteristics, actuation, reset, consistency, tolerance, feel, bounce/return, and other experience parameters right now.

In the longer run, optical keyswitches open up new possibilities but the first generation Purple switches from Razer are expected to focus on getting the basics right, for traditional gaming keyboard use.

Future plans could make use of the optical switch’s unique characteristics which can facilitate analogue input on mechanical keyboards. Tom’s Hardware thinks that Razer will initially market the optical switches as ‘faster’, thanks to the inherent optical qualities and the lack of mechanical bounce/return delays. Optical switches in the keyboard platform have potential for hot-swappable keyswitch feel types (clicky, linear, etc), the ability to work when submerged, and more.

Razer Purple keyswitch renders via Tom’s Hardware

With its newfound development confidence and backing of substantial investment funds we hope Razer will be able to deliver some truly innovative optical keyswitch equipped gaming keyboards sooner rather than later.


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