Razer Viper 8K is "world's fastest gaming mouse"

A small upgrade under the hood, Razer's refresh of its Viper gaming mouse lets it shout from the rooftops that the new model is the fastest gaming mouse on the planet, and be telling the truth, too.

It's got a Focus Plus 20,000DPI sensor powering it, but the big step up comes in the form of its polling rate of 20,000Hz, which is way, way above what most gaming mice out there are managing, and effectively makes for way more frequent pinging to your computer to update where the pointer or cursor should be.

On the surface that sounds like a big win, but in practise it's not so guaranteed, since even Razer happily admits this really comes down to margins so fine many people won't be able to perceive them. From Razer's point of view, it's a step forward that could make minute but important differences if you're playing reaction-based, twitchy games like shooters online.

You'll also most likely want to be using it on a monitor with a high refresh rate, too, to really perceive the sort of smoothness it can help you achieve, while decent gaming specs will also help with that on the hardware front.

So, it's a bit more of a niche sell than it first sounds. Still, there's absolutely no harm in the upgrade, since the Viper is still a comfortable and sleek gaming mouse, and the price hasn't been bumped up at all between versions.

The mouse is available as of now, so if you want to try out the bleeding edge of speed, here's your chance.

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