RecoveRx lets you recover erased files from storage devices


RecoverRx for Windows helps you recover files from storage devices like photos, documents, music & videos files, from Hard Drive, SSD, USB Flash storage, SD cards, MP3 music players, etc. by performing a deep scan. If some other data have not overwritten the location of the deleted files, you should be able to recover it.

RecoveRx file recovery software

RecoveRx file recovery software

Run the program once you install it. It will detect all the storage device connected on the computer. If you see an arrow, it means the drive has partitions inside. Expand, and select the partition from where you need to recover the files. Click next.

Select types of file to recover from storage device

The next screen offers tons of options. You can choose file types for images, videos, document, and others. The other includes support for file types from software like iTunes, Final Cut Pro, ISO, and so on. Click next to start the deep scan and recovery process.

  1. The software supports external hard drives, USB flash drives, SSD, Memory cards, and digital music players.
  2. The time of recovery depends on your selection, and storage capacity. So before you start your scan, select the options smartly.

The software doesn’t offer any preview of the files you can recover. It just recovers for you in the location which you chose before the scan.

RecoverRx Recovered Files

As you can see in the above image, the result displays four files that were recovered, and the folder on the right has all those files. Since I only selected extensions for just pictures, the software recovered those files.


The software offers three utilities.

  • Recovery: Offers both primary recovery and advanced recovery functions.
  • Formatting: SD memory cards, CompactFlash memory cards, and StoreJet devices. It only works on Windows.
  • Protection: If you use a Transcend’s memory card with the RDF8 card reader. You can lock it with a password. It is supported only on the Windows OS.

While RecoveRx works fine, the interface needs an upgrade. When I selected a hard disk, it displayed partitions with no names, i.e., those using C, D and so on, as NO NAME. The only way to figure out the right one was by comparing the storage capacity in Windows Explorer. Also, it displays reserved system drives which should not available to all the users. We hope the company will update it in sometime.

If you like it, you can download it from its homepage.

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