ReddPlanet is a well-designed free reddit client for Windows 10

Reddit is a great resource for learning, sharing your experience about something, discussing various topics, etc. The social network’s website though is absolutely awful, especially on mobile.

ReddPlanet is a well-designed free reddit client for Windows 10

A lot of users prefer the old design, which you can access by substituting the www in the URL with old, or by using a third-party interface such as Teddit.

On my phone, I use an app called RedReader which is open source, and very fluid in terms of browsing, interacting with posts, etc. Maybe it is because of that, I prefer using an app on my PC too, it’s just convenient.

ReddPlanet is a standalone reddit client app for Windows 10. You don’t need to login to your account to use the app, but doing so offers the best experience.

The application’s interface is kind of unique, the title of posts from your subscribed feeds are listed on the sidebar. The side-panel has the upvote and downvote buttons, which you can use for interacting with the selected thread, and it also tells you how many comments, points, and awards a topic has. The program will load the selected thread the right pane, with the media and the comments. ReddPlanet has a built-in video player and image viewer, which is probably its best feature. It lets you switch to fullscreen, has a seekbar, mute button, aspect ratio, and even lets you cast it to another device.

ReddPlanet save video or image

Hit the menu button in the top left corner to bring up the navigation sidebar, you will find your subreddits here. The search box at the top can be used to go to a specific subreddit.

ReddPlanet navigate and manage subreddits

Right-click on an image or a video to save it to your computer. If a thread links to a webpage, the app will load it directly, without opening it in your external browser. The buttons near the bottom right corner let you comment to a thread, sort the comments, refresh the post. The three dot button opens a pop-up menu with options to share the post, open it in your browser, copy the URL for the post, view the subreddit or the user profile.

ReddPlanet thread menu

The set of buttons below the sidebar are for searching reddit, submitting a new post, refreshing the feed, sorting your subs.

ReddPlanet search subreddit

Some subs have useful information, links to a wiki, relevant subs, etc on the website’s sidebar, this is often hidden in reddit client apps. ReddPlanet lets you view the sidebar, it can be accessed from the three dot button below the left pane.

ReddPlanet view subreddit sidebar

The arrow button in the top right corner can also be used to toggle the subreddit sidebar.

ReddPlanet post a reddit thread

The editor for writing comments and submitting threads is pretty neat, it has a preview option, allows you to format the text, add links, images, etc.

ReddPlanet comment editor

The program has a lot of options, you can toggle a live tile, javascript, set the default view for comments, sorting subreddits and comments, set the default start page, etc. Don’t like the Dark Theme? Switch to the light one from the Settings. You may choose a different accent color which changes the color of the top bar, some of the text, and a few elements like the selection bar, buttons, etc.

ReddPlanet settings

Clicking your username lists your submitted posts and comments, along with some additional account related information. To view your inbox, replies, etc, hit the envelope icon next to your username.

Download ReddPlanet from the Windows Store. If you use reddit a lot, and want a quick way to check your feeds, this application is a fantasic choice. The program is freeware, does not display ads whatsoever, and doesn’t have the ugly redesign of the website.

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