Remove Built-In Windows 10 Apps Without PowerShell Or Third-Party Tools


In addition to all classic programs and tools, Windows 10 is packed with close to two dozens of apps. Some of these built-in apps are really good but there are some apps that most users never use.

As you might know, up until now, it was not possible to uninstall these default Windows 10 apps via Settings app. In order to uninstall native Windows 10 apps, we had to use either PowerShell or third-party tools (read 3 free tools to uninstall Windows 10 apps) like CClenaer.

Users had been requesting Microsoft to offer an easy way to uninstall default apps, and Microsoft has finally added an easy way to remove most of the native apps from Windows 10.

Yes, starting with Windows 10 build 14936, one can uninstall almost all native apps just like other apps by navigating to Apps & features section of Settings app.

As said before, most of the default apps can be uninstalled but not all default apps can be removed using this method, at least for now, as the Uninstall button is greyed out for apps like Feedback Hub, Alarms & Clock, Camera, Messaging, People, Store and Photos. It could be because Microsoft thinks that there are no alternatives or better alternatives to these apps.

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Uninstall default Windows 10 apps via Settings

Step 1: Open Settings app and navigate to System > Apps & features.

Step 2: Look for the default app that you want to remove and click on it to see Uninstall button.
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And if the Uninstall button is greyed out, please refer to our how to use CCleaner to uninstall default Windows 10 apps guide to remove the app. Note that CCleaner helps you remove all apps except the Store.

Step 3: Click on the Uninstall button to see a dialog with “This app and its related info will be uninstalled” message. Click Uninstall button again to remove the app from your Windows 10 PC.

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