Report: Latest Windows 10 Cumulative Update KB4592438 thrashes your SSD when you run ChkDsk

German site BornCity is reporting that a number of Windows 10 on Windows 10 v.2004 users are having issues with heir SSD after installing cumulative update KB4592438.

That update was released on the 8th December and at present only has 2 known issues, none of which describes the current problem.

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That problem is that when these users run chkdsk c: /f (ie checkdisk with immediate repair) their PC hits a Stop-Error NTFS File System blue screen and becomes unbootable.

A ChkDsk performed in the pre-boot environment finds a number of errors in the Master File Table, which is fortunately fixable, again, via chkdsk c: /f .

It is not known how widespread the error is yet, but numerous users have confirmed being affected.

Given the reports, it may be wise to delay installing KB4592438 or install it for a few weeks until the situation is resolved one way or the other.

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