Reveal Hidden Password Behind Asterisks


Forgotten Passwords

I’ve known people who have automatic login enabled on their Facebook accounts and then the data gets erased and they can’t remember their passwords. The problem is, we are too busy looking at the asterisks in the password field and it’s easy to forget. They write them down, but still lose track.

The only thing worse than losing your password completely is forgetting it, but seeing those stupid little asterisks in the password box and wondering what is hidden behind them. I think every site should have the option to actually see the password itself, but the truth of the matter is, most don’t.

Using Browser Developer Tools

This works on Opera and should work across most browsers.

Right-click the password field and then choose Inspect Element.


This will open an inspector window, usually at the bottom of the page. The item you are looking for should already be highlighted. It should look similar to this in my example:


After input type you’ll see the word password. Just right-click on that and click on Edit attribute and replace the word password with the word text. Press enter. I can’t show you my password but I can confirm it works. Instead of asterisks, now you should see your actual password.



If other people use your computer, you might want to change it back afterwards.