Riot Isolator will improve Digital Privacy & Security on Windows


No single solution is capable of offering protection against all kinds of viruses and unwanted threats. As such, free tools that can safeguard your digital privacy should be tried. Riot Isolator is one such option. The advanced security tool is a bundle of different security mechanisms and features, designed to improve digital privacy and security of users.

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Riot Isolator for Windows

Security tool

The free tool has a simple interface with a set of 4 tiles and tool icons. When launched, it prompts a user to select the modules he wants to be enabled. These include:

  1. Anti-screenshot
  2. Anti-keylogger
  3. Anti-webcam
  4. Live Report

To see them in action, it is essential to restart the application.The main screen of the program is displayed with four tiles:

1] Eraser: Lets you securely erase RAM, files, or folders in volumes. Simply hit the tile button, choose a file and drag & drop it in the tile area. The file will be completely erased in seconds.

2] Toolbox: It is nothing more than a static label for the icons found underneath it. The various icons are:

  • Anti-screenshot – The control prompts you to decide what screen to protect and what one not. When enabled an invisible layer replaces your actual screen content with a black rectangle.
  • Anti-keylogger – This function hides your key presses from any other process except the targeted one itself. As of now, the protection covers following keys: A-Z, a-z and 0-9
  • Anti webcam – Pushes webcam into an idle mode and prevents any other process from accessing the selected webcam.
  • Anti Exploit – prevent file extension spoofing or RunPE-type code injection attacks
  • Drive Eraser – Lets you erase a drive in an instant
  • Ram Eraser – Self-explanatory. It now works in the portable mode
  • Live Report – Enables remote monitoring of reports23 you can view from elsewhere.
  • Presentation Mode – locks the computer without hiding the screen
  • Real-time Recognise – detects and warn you of packers used by an executable, as it launches.

3] Unlocker: Unlike locking, a file unlocker attempts to close the processes using locked files, thereby allowing you to access them.

4] Network: The large tile shows a graph of recent network activity. In my honest opinion, it would have made some sense to ditch the ‘Tools’ and ‘Network’ tile as they serve no apparent function. The network tile simply displays a small graph all the time.

It is difficult to find whether a function in Riot Isolator is enabled or not. This is because ideally, a grayed icon indicates that the feature is turned off and is currently inactive. However, the opposite is the case in Riot Isolator. Coloured (Blue) icon means the feature is disabled. So, its behavior appears to be quite inconsistent. Moreover, Tooltips appear in some places, but not in others.

Brushing aside the shortfalls, the security program has a lot of power. You can download it from its home page. There is a possibility that your antivirus may raise a warning – it is a false positive – but you may take a call on whether you want to download it or not.

It is important to create a system restore point first before you make any changes.