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RMx : Corsair refreshes its power supplies and increases its warranty !

From Corsair, we learn that the Californian brand refreshes some power supplies. Indeed, the brand offers us a new batch of RMx power supplies with a new fan. Nevertheless, the good news is that the warranty is now 10 years!

RMx : new fan and 10 years warranty !

Corsair RMx With this new generation of RMx, Corsair slightly revises its design. Gone is the thin wire mesh and hello to the triangular grid. Similarly, the fan has been changed to a 135 mm model with a magnetic levitation bearing. The goal is to increase the life of the fan. In addition, we can count on a semi-passive operation.

Otherwise, the brand continues to offer us what made the essence of the RMx series. Thus, the cable management will be entirely modular and we find a Cybernetics Gold certification for energy efficiency. Therefore, this block provides an efficiency between ≥87% and <91% in 230V. As for noise, it gets at A- with noise pollution measured between ≥25 dBA and <30 dBA.

On the power side, there are 550W, 650W, 750W, 850W and 1000W blocks. The set offers a single 12V rail and 105°C Japanese capacitors.

The prices will be rather high with a block of 550W being negotiated 107,90€ against 171,90€ for the version of 1000W. The 650W, 750W and 850W models are respectively 117,90€, 128,90€ and 139,90€. There is a bigger difference in price between the 850W and 1000W versions than between the other powers. Finally, the warranty will be very long since Corsair covers us for 10 years!

This way to the Corsair datasheet!

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