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Cum de a selecta cea mai bună soluție cache pentru WordPress

Nu există nici nega faptul că existența unui site internet adecvat este justificată în primul rând de viteza de încărcare: cu atât mai repede, cu atât mai bine. Patruzeci și șapte la sută dintre consumatori se așteaptă la o pagină web pentru a încărca în 2 secunde sau mai puțin, care este destul de o sarcină pentru a realiza ca…

24 Cele mai bune teme WordPress pentru SEO experți

Cautati cele mai bune teme WordPress pentru SEO experți? Ca un expert SEO, poate doriți să alegeți o temă care vitrine abilitățile SEO și de marketing în timp ce ajutându-vă transforma vizitatorii în clienți. În acest articol, ne-am ales-o parte de mână dintre cele mai bune…

11 Free WordPress Ecommerce Themes for 2018

The world’s most popular content management system, WordPress, has a lot to offer anyone who wants to open an online store. There’s a constant stream of new themes, many of which are free. Here is a list of new ecommerce themes for WordPress. Most of these

How to Create a Full Width Page in WordPress

Do you want to create a full width page in WordPress? Many WordPress themes already come with a built-in full-width page template that you can use. However some themes do not have that feature. În acest articol, we will show you how to easily create a

Top 5 WordPress Plugins for SEO

One of the greatest benefits of using WordPress as a CMS is that there are so many free plugins available for WordPress that will totally beef up and streamline the SEO of any site. When looking for plugins to boost your SEO, it can be a

How to Migrate Your WordPress Site to HTTPS

There are numerous tutorials out there showing you how to migrate, but I’ve made this as it’s become a lot easier. Install SSL Certificate There are many alternatives here. This will depending entirely on your hosting setup. I use Media Temple VPS for all my sites,

How to Delete Revisions in WordPress

I regularly copy my live WordPress sites back to my local server. Not only is it an extra backup, but it allows me to develop locally with up to date content. Lately I’ve been getting annoyed at how bloated the WordPress databases seem to get. ADRIAN…

Top 10 Social Media Plugins for WordPress

    In order to drive more social media traffic to your WordPress blog, you will love these WordPress social media plugins. These plugins will let you add a beautiful set of social share buttons on your posts which will encourage your visitors to share your

17 WordPress Plugins to Create Content

The right set of WordPress plugins can help create content that engages readers and drives traffic. Here is a list of plugins to help create content for your WordPress website. There are editorial applications, tools for adding images and video, plugins to add polling and quizzes,

8 Essential WordPress Plugins Your Website Must Have

WordPress, what a CMS right? So many available plugins, themes, şi tutoriale. Mai mult 27% of world websites are powered by a WordPress CMS. A staggering statistic which kinda indicates the level of functionality and flexibility it offers to webmasters. A complete website solution with an