Roidmi Mojietu T1 Anti-UV Sunglasses launched on Indiegogo


Xiaomi‘s ecological chain company Roidmi has launched the Mojietu T1 anti-ultraviolet sunglasses. This coming just a couple of months after the Mojietu Portable tire inflator was launched under crowdfunding by the brand on indiegogo.

The Mojietu T1 is the first polarized anti-ultraviolet sunglasses with integrated lens design, which can help protect the eyes from strong glare. With high-quality UV protection and waterproof design, made for all-day, everyday comfort.Roidmi Mojietu T1

The German TAC night photochromic lens uses the yellow lens to physically increase the brightness and color clarity, thereby improving the contrast and human eye resolution, providing a more accurate vision. The polarization rate is 20% and the partial polarization can effectively reduce dazzling light. It can also sense ultraviolet rays, the shade of the lens color can change with the intensity of sunlight.Roidmi Mojietu T1

German TAC gray progressive lens uses progressive color, the color goes deep up and goes light down, real color, comfortable to wear. The polarization rate is 99% and the partial polarization can effectively reduce dazzling light.

Night yellow-background photochromic lens could automatically adjust the color according to the intensity of ultraviolet light; light gray in cloudy and rainy conditions, lens color becomes darker when the ultraviolet light is strong in the sun, providing UV protection.

The one-Piece integrated curved lens design is anti-droplet which can effectively protect against droplet pollution by blocking saliva spray during close conversations, laughing, coughing and sneezing. Help to prevent unnecessary risks of transmitting virus in daily life.

The Mojietu T1 polarizer is selected from a Taiwanese factory (50 years of lens making experience) designated for the world’s top-tier glasses’ cooperated partner, with 56 craftsmanship and ingenuity.

The surface of the plastic parts of the frame is sprayed with multi-layers nano-level materials. The metal parts have to be made through multiple stamping, electroplating, laser carving and other precision processes, just to bring you an excellent wearing comfort

The product is available on Indiegogo with a Super Early bird price of $59.

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