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RTX 3080: out of stock everywhere, really?


Just launched, the RTX 3080 is breaking down everywhere

In these negative aspects, we have mentioned a launch that resembles what Apple is doing with its Iphones: a product that has barely been launched. However, earlier this summer, our sources at NVIDIA’s partner brands were already talking about a very reduced availability for the launch.

Yesterday, NVIDIA released a press release explaining that it was a victim of its own success: cute, but déjà vu. The company said it had arranged for the world’s 50 largest wholesalers to have stock available for the launch. Unfortunately, direct sales on the brand’s website were also out of stock within minutes of the launch.

rupture RTX 3080

The same situation quickly reoccurred among major French retailers. However, the situation on the Nvidia site seems to have been amplified also by an “attack” of bots having bought many cards already found on resale sites.

A definite craze

For those of you connected to’s discordant server, it was easy to notice that there was a definite craze for the chameleon’s new map. It must be said that NVIDIA’s announcement conference was really something to get excited about. The brand is to be congratulated for a successful marketing effort. From Jensen’s incredible performance figures to a launch that only lacked the images of people lining up in front of the stores, NVIDIA really joined Apple in staging the optimal arrival of its products.

rupture RTX 3080

The Reality: Familiar Availability

However, when we talk to brands and distributors, this shortage is much more related to the lack of stock than anything else. For example, we can say that the number of pieces put on the French market at launch is in the tens of pieces, no more.

For the leading brands, availability on the day of the launch was counted on the fingers of one hand. Several NVIDIA partners told us that this launch was the worst ever in terms of availability.

At wholesalers, the small quantities delivered were already reserved for the largest online vendors. So it’s hard to imagine finding a map at your local retailer. In OFF, a source revealed that 70% of the launch volume was captured by the LDLC group. Difficult to verify.

A situation that will improve

However, deliveries of the card are scheduled weekly to wholesalers. The brands confirmed that each week the allocations were higher and that the market would return to a “normal” situation in October. Time to compare, read the independent tests and see how the competition will react.

RTX 3080 ruptures

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