RTX 3090 Ti: four-slot or hybrid heatsinks or nothing?

With this generation of RTX 3000, graphics cards tend to be quite large. This can be explained by the high power consumption and heating of the highest-end models. Nevertheless, we should not expect any change with the RTX 3090 Ti. The first known models have either 3.5 or 4 slot heatsinks or a hybrid heatsink.

RTX 3090 Ti: 4 slot cards, a standard for this reference?

EVGA RTX 3090 TI FTW3 Ultra
The FTW3 Ultra from EVGA and its 3.5 slots thick!

As a reminder, with this Ti version, NVIDIA will offer an even more premium card than the non-Ti model. To improve performance, the brand will opt for a GA102-350 GPU. This last one will embark no less than 10 752 Cuda Core against 10 496 for the current model. Similarly, we will be entitled to 24 GB of GDDR6X clocked at 21 Gbps and a memory bus of 384 bits.

Anyway, all this little world, it consumes a lot of energy since the TBP (Total Board Power) should turn around 450W for the reference card. However, there is no doubt that customized and overclocked factory versions will go beyond that. In fact, such a power consumption implies an adapted cooling system.

If we stay with aircooling, there is no choice, we have to increase the size of the radiator and the fans. And with this new card, models occupying 3.5 or even 4 slots will be commonplace. Already, the FTW3 Ultra model from EVGA is in this situation. The same goes for the BattleAx Deluxe and iGame Vulcan OC from Colorful. Immediately, these models will not be able to go in ITX configurations because of the too important thickness of their ventirad.

Colorful RTX 3090 Ti iGame Neptune
Hybrid cooling, the only solution to reduce the size of the cards?

Otherwise, if you are looking for more compact series, you will have to turn to hybrid cooling. In order to reduce the thickness of the cards, brands should use AIOs as heatsinks. However, this shifts the problem to a 240mm or even 360mm heatsink for the largest versions.

In short, it will be necessary to seriously choose a case in adequacy with its needs with this type of card.

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