RTX 3090 Turbo OC: Asus also offers a card with a blower!

Just like Gigabyte, Asus decided to offer a “Blower” type heatsink on an RTX 3090. Indeed, the brand announces its RTX 3090 Turbo OC, a board with turbine cooling. Clearly, the type of cooling is hardly recommended for a board with a TDP of up to 350W.

RTX 3090 Turbo OC: a blower yes, but with a copper radiator!

Asus RTX 3090 Turbo OC

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In the end, it is difficult to say much about blower heat sinks. Vulgarly, we find a network of aluminium fins with a radial fan. The latter will blow air between the fins so that the heat is evacuated through the front of the board.

In addition, this model is distinguished by a radiator made entirely of copper. Also, this block uses a steam chamber to maximise the cooling of the board. At the same time, with such a TDP, you get what you need. Finally, the copper heatsink will cover the memory chips as well as the GPU.

Asus RTX 3090 Turbo OC

The card’s heatsink in addition to its 80 mm blower

For the power supply stages, the board has an aluminium base plate. Its role will be to convey the heat to the steam chamber in addition to stiffening the assembly.

In spite of this very basic heatsink, Asus still carries out factory overclocking. The card is announced to run at 1725 MHz in boost against 1695 MHz for the reference card.

We quickly finish with the on-board connectors. In this respect, the Asus model offers an HDMI output followed by three DisplayPorts connectors. The power supply part will be located on the back of this board. In addition, it will have two 8-pin PCIe connectors.

The price is currently unknown to us. Furthermore, if you are wondering about the efficiency of this type of cooling, you should know that readings have been taken on a workstation with four Gigabyte RTX 3090 Turbo. This can give you information about the temperatures reached by the cards.

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