Samsung Galaxy телефон с 4 задние камеры или 4X увеличение запуска на октябрь. 11

не смартфоны больше не предназначены исключительно для связи, так как компании добавить дополнительные возможности сделать гораздо больше,. Камеры представляют собой значительную часть смартфонов в эти дни и бренды пытаются до игры с каждым выпуском. Samsung, one of the innovation leaders in the smartphone space, has confirmed an event for October 11, where it is hinting at a Galaxy smartphone with focus on the camera.

We've already seen Samsung Galaxy S9 and more recently Galaxy Note 9 redefine the flagship nature of smartphones, nonetheless the competition remains stringent. In a bid to stay ahead of the competition, Samsung has something special in store for fans. Going by the hint dropped on the company's official Twitter handle, a new Galaxy smartphone promises "4x Fun."

Samsung could be hinting at either 4x zoom or 4 cameras here. But noted tipster Ice Universe suggested weeks ago that a Samsung smartphone with four cameras could be launched in 2018. Now with Samsung's confirmation for an October event perfectly fits the bill.

Samsung Galaxy Event
Samsung Galaxy EventTwitter /Samsung

Samsung hosting an event in October after launching the Galaxy Note 9 flagship only a month ago is out of tradition. Ice Universe had also asserted that the upcoming Galaxy phone won't be called the Galaxy S10 or the long-rumoured Galaxy F. The tipster also suggested that all the four cameras will be placed at the back, making it the first smartphone with a quad-camera setup.

Samsung teaser
Samsung teaserTwitter screenshot

альтернативно, Samsung could also be referring to 4X optical zoom for a new Galaxy phone. All the current flagships, including the Galaxy Note 9, come with 2X optical zoom and offering 4X zoom could actually mean a significant bump in the camera capabilities. There are a lot of mysteries surrounding this new Galaxy phone, which will only be revealed by Samsung on the day of launch next month.

Samsung's "Galaxy Event" will be live-streamed on its official website on October 11, which leaves us with less than a month of anticipation. Следите за обновлениями.



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