Safari said to feature translation and full Apple Pencil support in iOS 14

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According to a recent report, Apple is going to bring built-in translation to Safari in iOS 14, as well as better support for the Apple Pencil on iPads.

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It’s suggested that when it goes live, and iOS 14 is released, you’ll be able to translate web pages from other languages to your own without having to use any other service, like Google Translate.

You’ll be able to manually select pages you want to translate or just leave it to do it automatically on any page isn’t in your own language. Or at least, that is what’s revealed by 9to5Mac.

The tech site has gained access to an early version of iOS 14 – which isn’t currently available to developers or the public – and this is one of the features that’s been uncovered.

There’s a sense that this Safari translation is only an early step towards a more system-wide solution. It’s apparently also being tested with other apps. The App Store is mentioned specifically, with app descriptions and reviews being translated to the user’s own language automatically by the operating system.

These translations all work offline too, and don’t need a connection to the internet.

Another feature uncovered is wider Pencil support for iPads in Safari. That means you don’t just get scrolling up and down, or selecting, with the Pencil. Instead, it seems you’ll be able to mark up web pages, highlighting and drawing on them.

Exactly how these translations and new Pencil support is going to work is yet to be revealed, with Apple not having announced iOS 14 yet, or showed any of its new features officially.

The tech firm usually unveils new software at its annual June WWDC conference, which in most years would be taking place this week or next, but has been pushed to an online only event on 22 June.

At this point we’ll find out exactly what’s coming, which devices it’ll be available to and when we can get our hands on the public beta.

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