SafePad is an end-to-end encrypted online Notepad


We need security everywhere, terms like ‘encryption’ and ‘authorization’ have become common these days. But how about security on your notepad? Yes, we note down a lot of simple things on our text editor or notepad. Enter ‘SafePad’ a free online end-to-end encrypted alternative to your conventional notepad application. Not just an encryption utility, SafePad can also double up as your note taking application and make your notes accessible anywhere in this world. However you may want to use it, ‘SafePad’ is for sure a reliable and secure note taking web-app.

SafePad Review

SafePad end-to-end encrypted online Notepad

Before digging deeper into the actual application and its features let’s talk about the technology it uses. First of all, the application was coded completely for fun and no-profits. So, ‘SafePad’ is always going to be free and ad-free too. The data you enter is end-to-end encrypted. Which means that the text you enter is encrypted before sending it to the server. And it is also returned in encrypted form and decrypted right on your device.

Encrypted online Notepad tool

The data is encrypted using 3 ciphers AES-256-CTR (Twofish-CTR (Salsa20)). And the passphrase is not stored anywhere. Make sure you remember your passphrase as there is no other way to recover it and you may lose access to your data. Moreover, the tool is completely anonymous and you do not need to sign up or provide any information about yourself. For more security, the tool also offers two-factor authentications and always connects through a secure HTTPS connection.

Now coming to SafePad itself, it is a minimal no-frills application. It is super simple to use and very quick to setup. Once you’ve opened SafePad, you need to enter a username. Select any available username and proceed. Complete the ReCaptcha and enable 2FA if you want. For two factor authentications, you will need to download an application on your mobile. Once you are done with the setup, ‘SafePad’ will launch a short tutorial about using the application. You can completely skip it if you want.

You are almost ready to create your secure notes, but before that choose a good and strong passphrase. Remember that the passphrase is not stored anywhere else and losing it means losing your data. Now go ahead give your note a title, and some content. SafePad only takes in plain text content. Simple editing like bold, underline, fonts is not yet allowed. Once you are done making your note, hit save and the note will be encrypted right in front of you and then saved on the server.

You can easily create another note by selecting ‘New’ from the SafePad drop-down. And you are allowed to set a different passphrase for different notes, this feature comes handy when you want to share your secure notes with someone partially. Now if you are done creating and saving your notes, all you need to do is hit ‘Exit’ button. You can re-access your notes by entering the same username and passphrase. You can even share your username and passphrase to give someone access to your notes.

SafePad is not just a note taking utility but a lot more. Other than security features, the nature of the application lets you take notes from anywhere and access them everywhere. The app is overall beautifully designed and responsive too. So, you may not face any issues while taking your notes from a mobile device. If you like to take quick notes that are secure and easily accessible, go check out SafePad.