Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall Ending As Approved Safe Replacements Ship To Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is returning to store shelves, nearly three weeks after the manufacturer announced its involuntary recall of the smartphone. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission made the recall official last Friday, but carriers are now announcing preorders and plans to exchange old, defective models of the Galaxy Note 7 for new, safer models. Samsung will ship 500,000 new Galaxy Note 7 handsets to begin the initial exchange process.

Verizon has announced preorders for new models of the Galaxy Note 7 are now available. Verizon indicates on its Galaxy Note 7 product page that the forthcoming Galaxy note 7 handsets are approved by the CPSC for sale to the public.

The Galaxy Note 7 is also available once again through Sprint’s website . The carrier’s product page makes no mention of the recall.

T-Mobile has stated on its website that owners can exchange Galaxy Note 7 handsets in stores starting Wednesday. Currently, the device does not appear to be available for sale online.

AT&T has also detailed Galaxy Note 7 exchange information on its website. Currently, the device does not appear to be available for sale online.

Retailers including Best Buy are expected to begin selling the Galaxy Note 7 once more next week. The manufacturer plans begin an official re-release of the device between Sept. 25 and 30, when it expects 60 to 70 percent of current owners would have exchanged their handsets, Samsung told Phone Arena.

Original Galaxy Note 7 models were susceptible to exploding, with 92 cases of overheating and injury reported, according to the CPSC . Samsung has spoken out about the issue, apologizing to consumers, especially those who experienced handsets catching on fire. The manufacturer promised new Galaxy Note 7 shipments by Sept. 21.

Samsung has indicated that users will be able to identify a new, safe model of the Galaxy Note 7 by its green battery status icon. Older models featured a white battery status icon. Reports indicate Samsung got special permission from Google to make this change, as the color of the icons coincide with newer versions of the Android operating system.

Samsung has also implemented a software update for older handsets still in circulation, which will cap the Galaxy Note 7 charging ability at 60 percent.


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