Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Specs Include Deep Sea Blue In New Market

The Deep Sea Blue Galaxy Note 8 is now available for preorder in Germany and will go on sale Oct. 26. Samsung introduced the new color option when it announced the Galaxy Note 8 in August; however, its availability is extremely limited. In the U.S., the Galaxy Note 8 is available in Orchid Gray and Midnight Black. Reports indicate Samsung has no plans to bring make the Deep Sea Blue color option available to American consumers. In Germany, the device is also available in Maple Gold and Midnight Black.

Color options for devices are generally selected according to overall market interest. It is very common certain, highly-anticipated color options to have low market availability. Tech blog, SamMobile noted it did a poll where 42 percent of participants expressed interest in purchasing the Deep Sea Blue Galaxy Note 8.

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As a first run for Deep Sea Blue, it is possible the color options could be more widely offered in future Galaxy devices. This won’t be confirmed until future device releases; however, consumers have seen Silver as a limited availability color option on devices like the Galaxy Note 5, become more standard on devices like the Galaxy S7.

The Galaxy Note 8 is available in colors such as Star Pink, which is exclusive to Taiwan, where pink is a popular choice for young female consumers purchasing devices. Samsung has also tested colors, including purple and red on older devices, but tends to shy away from such colors now. The Galaxy S6 was available in color options including Emerald Green and Blue Topaz. These color options were also limited and were never again used.

Samsung has also apparently retired it’s Blue Coral color options, which was available on the short-lived Galaxy Note 7 the Galaxy S7 Edge and the Galaxy S8. Rumors have suggested the manufacturer may release a Blue Coral Galaxy Note 8 but the model has yet to surface. ​