Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Specs Showcased In Live Leak

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 release date is quickly approaching and many rumored details about the device are expected to be confirmed as true on Aug. 23. A recent leak also shows what are likely live images of the Galaxy Note 8, as opposed to the many renders and component leaks that have surfaced in recent weeks.

Galaxy-Note-8-1-980x551 Leaked device may be Galaxy Note 8

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The images, originally shared by My Everyday Tech, show a device that looks very much like the Galaxy S8+ with a lengthy frame and infinity display, featuring an on-screen home button. However, some images show angles, where the opening that would hold the device’s S-Pen can be seen. That is the greatest evidence that the device may be the Galaxy Note 8.


Leaked device may be Galaxy Note 8

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The images also reveal the dual camera setup rumored for the Galaxy Note 8, as well as its rear-facing fingerprint scanner. The Galaxy Note 8 also retains the dedicated Bixby button, a USB-C port, and a 3.5mm audio jack, according to the images.


Leaked device may be Galaxy Note 8

The source has since deleted its post about the Galaxy Note 8 leaked images, but the photos have already made their rounds on several news reports and popular technology blogs.

Rumors are also still buzzing to so when the Galaxy Note 8 may release to market. The latest reports suggest the device may become available for preorder Aug. 25 and may go on sale Sept. 15 in select markets. These dates have not yet been confirmed.

Many anticipating the release of the Galaxy Note 8 are current Galaxy Note 7 owners, who decided to keep their devices, despite its discontinuation and global recall. A recent IBTimes report about the remaining Galaxy Note 7 users highlighted that many are anticipating the Galaxy Note 8 launch so they can retire their 2016 handsets. As per Samsung’s recall policy, owners may still be able to turn old Galaxy Note 7 handsets for a refund, which could exceed $900.

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While most hardware and software rumors are considered solidified as the most likely features, recent reports suggest the Galaxy Note 8 may be available in up to eight color options, including Gold, Midnight Black, Arctic Silver, Orchid Gray (Violet), Coral Blue, Dark Blue, Pink and Deep Sea Blue.