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Samsung Galaxy Note7 is now receiving OTA update to prevent it from ever charging again

rest in peace RIP gravestone

Samsung has been working on an update to render useless the Galaxy Note7 units sold in US, because, apparently, not everyone has turned in their smartphone, which has been recalled twice, deemed a fire hazard, and banned on flights as a result.

The update, which is now rolling out for the T-Mobile units, will inform users, once again, of the recall, but, more importantly, it will also prevent the battery from charging again. So, once your Galaxy Note7 dies, you will basically be left with a brick. As you can see, Samsung really, really wants you to stop using the faulty device.

T-Mobile is the first of the four major US carriers to green light this update, and the only one to want it sent out between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. AT&T’s version will receive the update on January 5 and so will Verizon’s units. Sprint’s model will wait until January 8. As noted by T-Mobile, the last Galaxy Note7 update has the N930TUVU2APL2 baseband version.

Verizon, in its recall FAQ page for the Galaxy Note7, says that the update will also remove “the ability for it to work as a mobile device” and, because of this”, it will push the update after the holidays. Why? Verizon says it’s so that “you can contact family, first responders, and emergency medical professionals during the holiday travel season”.

It’s probably the most sensible thing to do, as it will give users time to buy another phone and enjoy what’s left of their holidays. As expected, all carriers are urging users to return their Galaxy Note7 as soon as possible and get a new smartphone.

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