Samsung Galaxy S21 likely to skip ToF sensor next year

Samsung is already preparing for the launch of next year’s Galaxy S series. And according to reports, the company has decided to skip this camera technology for its upcoming series as well. The Galaxy S21 series will also skip the ToF sensor, which was already missing on the recently launched Galaxy Note 20 series.

The report says Samsung hasn’t found any legitimate reason to pack the sensor. And instead, it would prefer to use the space to offer something else. It says that Apple reserved the rights for direct ToF from Sony, which is more powerful than what Samsung uses. However, the company hasn’t completely giving up on using the ToF sensor. So, once they have access to better sensors, maybe they will change the decision. In fact, the report suggests Samsung could develops its in-house ToF sensor in the near future to offset the limitations.

Till then, the South Korean giant wants to observe Apple’s use case for iPhones with the sensor. And take a call on whether its support makes a big difference to the consumers.

Samsung Galaxy S21 camera rumours

Samsung Galaxy S21, the next major flagship from the Korean company, might bring another big change in the camera department. The smartphone is now tipped to come with a 150-megapixel penta camera setup. There are already rumors that Samsung is working on a 150-megapixel sensor for smartphones with a planned goal to reach a 600-megapixel sensor. Now, a new rumor claims that Samsung’s own flagship could be the first to get this new sensor.

According to a new report from WCFTech, the Samsung Galaxy S21 might feature a penta camera setup. It is tipped to feature five cameras on the back and use a whopping 150-megapixel sensor for the main camera. If this turns out to be true then this will be a big jump over the 108-megapixel sensor seen on the Galaxy S20 Ultra. This rumor also claims that Samsung will drop the laser autofocus technology from the next flagship lineup.

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