Samsung Galaxy S9 Release Rumors Suggest Modular Design, Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Chip

There are a host of rumors already circulating for the Galaxy S9, even as Samsung prepares to release its latest device, the Galaxy Note 8. Some of the most recent reports indicate that the Galaxy S9 could feature a modular design, similar to what’s seen on many smartphones made by Motorola, which support mods that snap on to the back of devices.

Tech informant, Eldar Murtazin suggested that the Galaxy S9 may include accessories that can be attached to the device to add or enhance features. There is no word on what kind of mods Samsung might develop for the Galaxy S9; however, common mods include projectors, extended batteries, 360-degree camera attachments.

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Modular phones may be an upcoming trend among smartphone manufacturers. Motorola released its recent Moto Force Z2, also introducing sold separately gamepad and 360-degree camera mods. Andy Rubin’s brainchild, the Essential PH-1 is also accompanied by a sold separately 4K 360-degree camera mod.

Samsung has also dabbled in 360-degree camera space, with a hand-held dongle that can wirelessly connect to a smartphone. However, the manufacturer has no accessories that attach to its handsets.

Rumors have already surfaced, as early as May that the Galaxy S9 may run a new system on a chip by Qualcomm, likely the Snapdragon 845. Now reports from Weibo have surfaced reaffirming the claim. There are no new details about the chip, other than the claim it may be featured on Samsung’s 2018 flagship; however, old reports indicate the SoC may feature 1.2 GBit/s downlink for its X20 modem.

Much like it did with the Snapdragon 835, Qualcomm may begin to share details about its next premium chip in late 2017 with an official unveiling in January 2018. After that chip may quickly be deployed on to smartphones, including the LG G7, in addition to the Samsung Galaxy S9.

The 2016 LG G6 suffered on the market after releasing in March with the Snapdragon 821 chip instead of the 835. Samsung, having collaborated with Qualcomm to bring 10nm FinFET technology to the chip earned primary rights to release the Galaxy S8 running the Snapdragon 835. However, reports indicate that Qualcomm may be collaborating with LG for the Snapdragon 845. If true this would allow LG to be the first to release a device the 845 chip.

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Since LG typically releases its flagships earlier in the year than most manufacturers, the rumored deal likely wouldn’t disrupt other partners from using the 845 chip at any given time. It is possible Samsung may continue to announce its flagship later in the spring, away from industry conferences such as Mobile World Congress.

At this time, no details about the Samsung Galaxy S9, LG G7, Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 or any potential collaborations have been confirmed.