Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra tipped for special Qualcomm Snapdragon chip

Samsung’s next flagship Galaxy Tab looks set to follow the Galaxy S23’s lead.

Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra hardware photo with keyboard

Samsung is rumoured to be hard at work on the replacement for the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra and a new report claims to have some specs to share.

Samsung’s rumoured Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra is already sounding interesting, with a new leak suggesting that it’ll borrow one feature from the already popular Galaxy S23 lineup.

That feature, we’re told, is the use of a special Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip built especially for Samsung. That chip will likely carry the same “for Galaxy” grading that the phone’s chip had, leaker @Tech_Reve believes.

There had initially been some confusion over what chip would be used, with the leaker originally saying that a “Snapdragon 8 Gen2+” was the order of the day. But they later clarified that it would be a modified Snapdragon 8 Gen 2.

The same leak also points to the high-end tablet coming with a 10,880mAh battery which is essentially the same as the Galaxy S8 Tab Ultra’s reported 11,200mAh part.

Previous reports by SamMobile suggest that the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra will come with IP67 dust and water resistance, which is interesting considering this is of course a tablet. IP67 ratings are normally associated with phones and speakers, but tablets don’t tend to have the same requirements given they are less likely to find themselves in situations where they might get wet.

Other details about the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra are few and far between. The previous model has a 14.6-inch display, so it seems unlikely that this updated model will shrink.

Samsung’s president and head of mobile devices, Dr. TM Roh, previously said that “the Galaxy S Ultra has truly become the pinnacle of Samsung Mobile’s innovation, a marque that stands out against everything else, and soon we’ll show you what Ultra can do in even more device categories.” With that in mind, the Ultra model is unlikely to see a regression with the 2023 refresh.