Samsung To Roll Out Software Update For Galaxy Note 7 Because Owners In Europe Are Still Keeping Their Problematic Handsets

The Galaxy Note 7 fiasco is not stopping some owners from keeping their handsets. In response, Samsung is now forced to release a new software update that would minimize the risk of using the phablet.

According to PhoneArena, because customers in Europe remain unfazed by the reports and warnings that the Note 7 is at risk of catching fire or exploding, Samsung has decided to roll out a software feature that would limit the device’s battery charge to only 60 percent. The limit is expected to reduce the hours owners would spend in using them throughout the day.

The software update is slated for release in Europe on Oct. 31. This region-specific update is very similar to the one that was rolled out to the original batch of Note 7 devices that were shipped following the handset’s worldwide release.

As of late, only two-thirds of Note 7 devices have been replaced by Samsung in Europe. Thus, the South Korean brand is hoping that releasing this mandatory update will push owners to surrender their problematic devices.

Since the update is mandatory, users who are keeping their Galaxy Note 7 will not be able to avoid the intended effect that would limit the battery life of their handsets. This limitation is also seen as a preventive measure that would reduce the risk of overheating and potentially catching fire.

Android Authority has learned that Samsung has been in constant communication with Note 7 users. The tech company has been releasing notifications and other forms of expressing the need to have their faulty devices surrendered.

“Our absolute priority continues to be customer safety. This new battery software update is specifically designed to remind all Galaxy Note 7 customers to replace their device at their earliest possible convenience through their local Galaxy Note 7 Replacement Program,” Samsung Electronics UK & Ireland VP Conor Pierce said in a statement.


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