Samsung SmartThings Station: smart home control and wireless charging

More and more smartphones can charge wirelessly, but more and more homes and offices are also becoming smarter thanks to smart home equipment. An ideal combination according to Samsung, which is why the SmartThings Station has been introduced.

This is the Samsung SmartThings Station

The CES 2023 fair is in full swing and all kinds of manufacturers are presenting the latest products and innovations or presenting their views on the future. Samsung is such a manufacturer and has now officially shown the SmartThings Station.

The versatile device supports wireless charging. This way you can easily provide your smartphone, but also wireless earbuds or smartwatch with fresh battery juice. Charging is relatively slow, namely with a maximum of 15 watts.

Control your smart home and use routines

You can also use it to operate smart equipment in your home. For example, by pressing the button once or twice, you can assign all kinds of actions to smart home equipment. You can also set routines in which you combine several of those actions. This way you can ensure that the lights are switched on in a dim position, the thermostat is turned up and the television is switched on automatically when you come home in the evening.

It is possible to save up to three routines. These can be activated by pressing the button of the SmartThings Station long, short or twice. Of course you can also use the own SmartThings app to perform certain actions or activate a routine – even when you are on the road.

The Matter standard is used, which allows different devices from all kinds of manufacturers to communicate with each other. For example, you can have devices from Microsoft, Google, Amazon or, for example, Philips and Samsung work together.

Do you not know where your smartphone is, have you lost your watch or your bunch of keys with a Galaxy Smart Tag? Even then, the SmartThings Station offers the right help. Thanks to sound signals, you immediately know where your equipment has gone and you can keep an eye on its location.

Samsung SmartThings StationSamsung SmartThings Station

Price and availability

The device is currently only available in the United States and South Korea. Samsung asks $ 60, but the version with included USB-C charger costs $ 80. Whether we will ever see the SmartThings Station in Europe is still unknown.

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