Samsung's crazy good 55-inch Odyssey Ark monitor has an equally good $1000 discount

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  • May 17, 2023

The massive 55-inch Odyssey Ark monitor gets a nice price drop during the Discover Samsung event.

Samsung Odyssey Ark 55-inch 4K Quantum Curved Gaming Monitor
Samsung Odyssey Ark 55-inch 4K Quantum Curved Gaming Monitor

$2000 $3000 Save $1000

Samsung's Odyssey Ark is a unique monitor with a large 55-inch panel that can be flipped vertically.

There are gaming monitors, 4K monitors, and even budget 4k monitors, but the Samsung Odyssey Ark is in a category on its own. It's quite an ambitious product for the company, delivering a 55-inch monitor that not only provides great colors and performance, but also manages to squeeze in a bunch of features. Not everyone is going to be looking for a monster size monitor like this, but if you're in the market for one, this is one of the best large monitor options out there. This monitor sells for quite a bit, but the Discover Samsung campaign brings this magnificent monitor down to just $2,000 for a limited time.

What's great about the Samsung Odyssey Ark 55-inch 4K Quantum Curved Gaming Monitor?

Let's get it out of the way now and say that this is an outrageous monitor, but in a very good way. It features a large 55-inch 4K Quantum Mini-LED panel with a 1000R curvature that not only provides an immersive experience, but is also going to reduce eye strain. Beyond its massive size, you're also going to get an impressive 1ms response time, a fluid 165Hz refresh rate, and support for AMD FreeSync Premium Pro.

Colors and contrast are also going to be excellent with support for HDR10+, and the monitor's Multi View feature can bring more flexibility, maximizing the 55-inch screen with the ability to display up to four screens at once. With a height adjustable stand that can also pivot, you'll get the most optimal viewing angles, even when the screen is rotated vertically into Cockpit Mode.

While the visuals play a big part here, you're also going to get impressive sound as well. The monitor is equipped with Sound Dome technology and support for Dolby Atmos, relying on four corner speakers and two central woofers to create a stunning audio experience supplying tantalizing and stimulating audio.

Samsung takes the experience further with the Ark Dial, a physical wireless controller for the monitor that that provides controls to dial in the settings, and also provides easy access to features like Flex Move Screen, Multi View, Quick Settings and Game Bar. As you can probably tell, you're getting a lot with this monitor.

Why buy the Samsung Odyssey Ark 55-inch 4K Quantum Curved Gaming Monitor?

If you're looking to purchase a monitor that provides an exceptional and unique experience, the Samsung Odyssey Ark is going to be the one. You're getting an amazing curved panel, robust sound, and features you can't find on other monitors. Furthermore, the price is reduced, coming in at just $2,000 for an extremely limited time and if you're looking to add some extra protectin, you can add two years of Samsung Care+ for just $1. Just make sure you add it to your cart before heading to check out to see the discount.

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