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Online discussions arranged by forums, message boards, and more prompt users to engage in a discussion in meaningful ways, however, this engaging activity leaves your email as plain text in forums or on classified sites, making you susceptible to spam target. As we know, spam robots and email harvesters constantly browse these sites to collect new victim emails. A simple website prevents sharing of your email address on such public sites. converts your email address into a short and safe custom URL or links which you can safely share on the web, on social sites, forums, etc. – Convert email address into link

The ingenious website can convert any email address into a safe and short URL. So, instead of giving away your full email address, the website offers your safe scrimmed URL to the public sites. Using this scrimmed URL, you can safely tweet, share anything on Facebook and save anything on People willing to email you will go to this URL that will reveal your email address, after a simple test that automated scripts that bots are incapable of surpassing. - Convert email address into link

The “Captcha” used in the service appears to be quite simplistic, and honestly, that’s how it should be! Captcha should not an unbreakable locker.

Even if you accidentally forget your URL, it is easy to find it. Simply go to the main page and enter your email again, as you did the first time. Also, if you would like to change your URL, go to the main page and enter your email as you did the first time. Your URL will appear there, alongside a message and a link to edit it.

Click the link and press the ‘email’ button as shown in the screenshot below to allow Scrim to email instructions associated with

A secret key will be sent to your email account. If you do not receive it, wait a moment if you already requested it. Paste the key in the empty field provided there and you are ready to pick a new