ScreenWings prevents malicious programs from taking screenshots

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  • Nov 07, 2016


If you want to prevent malware from taking screenshots of your computer, use a free software like ScreenWings that will block malicious programs from taking unauthorized screenshots of your Windows computer, by blanking out the screen.

ScreenWings anti-screenshot tool for Windows

ScreenWings anti-screenshot tool

Screenshots have become a great way for us to capture the machine behavior and also troubleshoot the bugs. That said, screenshots can also pose a severe threat to privacy since most of the Malware and other attackers usually tend to take screenshots of your machine and thus capture the data. Also, if you are using machine sharing software’s like Team Viewer It gets riskier as the other party can capture your screenshots without your knowledge. Malware often captures your banking credentials and other important information by capturing the screenshots on your machine.

ScreenWings is a free anti-screenshot program meant for the Windows operating system. The program bars the user from taking a screenshot on the machine it is installed on. ScreenWings is pretty easy to use and it has only two buttons when you launch it. The red x-icon is simply meant to close the program while the second is a toggle to switch on and off the anti-screenshot capability. It is good that the program lets you enable the functionality as and when you need after which one can simply switch it off.


Now comes the curious part, what happens if one tries to capture a screenshot when the program is active? Simple once the program detects that a screenshot is being taken it simply blackens out the screen thus foiling the attempt. I personally tried the usual bunch of screenshot tools I was using before or a currently using and surprisingly the ScreenWings was able to bar all of them without much of an ado.

Again, it is quite possible that a malware might be designed to circumvent the blocker but again it doesn’t harm taking some basic caution. If you use multiple monitor fret, not as the program will work on both the monitors, this is something pretty amazing considering that it is a freeware.

ScreenWings is a nifty little tool and considering its light and can be run quickly maybe you can consider carrying it on your pen drive for that added security. This tool will also be handy for public computers wherein they host Journal and reference materials. The caveat though is that the ScreenWings is a memory hogger consuming 175MB of your precious RAM whilst running on a Windows 10.


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