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Security features to look for while choosing a Cloud Storage Solution for Enterprise


The biggest advantage of cloud storage is that it not only allows users to access files anytime, anywhere but readily sync them to enable sharing and coauthoring of the documents with ease. This advantage, however, makes it susceptible to security threats and attacks. Statistics reveal, most organizations find cloud storage to be the riskiest. This acts as a barrier to the adoption of cloud technology.

How does one ensure, if a cloud storage provider is reliable and can manage data of his enterprise with safety? Well, there appears no one-size-fits-all cloud storage solution. Every enterprise has different requirements, and such requirements should reflect while opting for cloud provider of choice. Security nevertheless should remain a top criterion for consideration. The following guidelines may help you to a large extent.

Cloud Storage security

Security features for an Enterprise Cloud Storage Solution

We will follow somewhat a different approach here. Apart from features that make the use of service easy and secure, we should look out for the one that has the following red flags—and avoid them completely. Here’s a list!

Exit Strategy for Cloud Storage

When you are dissatisfied with a service, you may want to exit. However, exiting a Cloud services contract and switching to another provider can make the process expensive since. So make sure, your service provider is service compliant and includes exit mechanism as a part of a general risk strategy.


Before signing any contract with a cloud service provider, have the following information about it at hand:


1. Recent downtime
2. Experience
3. Price

If a no-name company is offering a great price, make sure to investigate testimonials because it raises a red flag.

Service agreements

The cloud service provider whose service you intend to use should make clear commitments about the kind of security infrastructure it has, where your data will reside or stored and the underlying technology to handle/manage it in a secure environment. All this information and other relevant information should be mentioned explicitly in the service agreement as this is a mark of transparency. Also, find a service with a strong privacy statement, one that doesn’t give permission for that service to browse your files.

Non-HTTPS site

HTTPS is an application-level protocol for secure communication over a computer network which is widely used on the Internet. Sites not encrypted with HTTPS allow for easy interception of login credentials. If your login credentials are easily discoverable, hackers can have access to them. So, be sure to check if the cloud service provider uses ‘HTTPS’ protocol.

Compliance standards

Industry certifications and compliance standards deliver an assessment of a service provider based on industry knowledge. Obtaining industry certifications generally demonstrate a provider’s capabilities and often serve as a proof of reliable security. So, when you are looking for a cloud service provider, ensure certifications such as ISO and standards like HIPAA, FERPA, FISMA, SSAE 16, PMI are met.

All these parameters can serve as an objective way of comparing each cloud service provider and therefore help you in making an informed decision, says Microsoft.

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