Seeing AI – Microsoft’s Latest iOS App That Showcases Advanced AI

We have already passed the midpoint of 2017. To summarize the first half of 2017 in terms of what’s happening in our technology landscape, everyone would agree that AI is the number one area companies trying to take a market share on. Much like how a few years back everyone was hyped about Mobile and Cloud, now those have become ubiquitous in our daily life. The production is the same for AI. In the years to come, more and more products will adopt AI in different form factor. Microsoft Research is a separate group of entities inside Microsoft that focuses on advanced technologies. When a product is mature enough, we get to see a glimpse of what’s possible with today’s leading edge technology.

Seeing AI is one of those products that was released by Microsoft recently to showcase their advanced AI. It’s ironic that this app is only available via iOS platform, and it also was released ahead of Apple’s iOS 11 and iPhone 8, which was rumored to have advanced AR in combination with some AI. Seeing AI is a virtual assistant app for visually impaired to navigate their surroundings. While the target audience might not be you, it’s worth while to check out how the app can help those who needed the most. Take a look at the introduction video below.

Through the lens of a phone’s camera, Seeing AI is able to identify objects, text as well as contextual aware analysis of any environment. The speed and accuracy it’s able to predict leaps similar product trying to solve the same problem years back. If you are interested in checking out some of the leading techs, and/or know who might be beneficial with this technology feel free to give Seeing AI a try.

Download: Seeing AI on iOS