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Shadow Rock Slim 2 : a thin ventirad from be quiet!

No need to introduce you to be quiet! as the brand is well known in the world of cooling. However, we have to tell you that the brand announces a new product. It is about an aircooling heatsink: the Shadow Rock Slim 2!

Shadow Rock Slim 2: a slim aircooling heatsink!

be quiet! Shadow Rock Slim 2

With this new model, the brand offers us a slim heatsink with dimensions of 137 (W) x 161 (H) x 74 (D) mm. Note that these dimensions are with the fan mounted. In short, this model will not have any problems of compatibility with RAM… Unless you have a card stamped Wish…

The heatsink itself seems rather clean with a first fin in brushed aluminum. Likewise, we will find a logo of the brand as well as tips to hide the end of the heatpipes not always very aesthetic. Otherwise, we can count on a total of 52 aluminum fins crossed by a total of 4 copper heat pipes. These are joined at the base and come into direct contact with the CPU.

On the ventilation side, it is a 135 mm mill that we find mounted on this model. However, we have no idea of the type of fan: Silent Wings, Pure Wings? Good question. Anyway, we know that it will run at 1400 RPM at full speed and that’s it.

For socket compatibility, we know that this model will go on Intel LGA-2000, LGA-1000 and LGA-1200 platforms. On the AMD side, the compatible platforms will be AM4 and AM3+… And consequently all the others: AM3, AM2, FM2+, etc.

We end quickly with the announced sales price of 45,90 € with an availability fixed on July 27th!

Here is the technical data sheet of be quiet!

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