Should you get a regular Nintendo Switch or a Nintendo Switch OLED Model?

Nintendo announced the new Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) yesterday and plans to release it later this year. The new Nintendo console won’t replace any of the existing offerings; the regular Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch Lite will still be sold next to the OLED model version of the Switch.

You have three models to choose from now. In this article, we will provide you with information on the models and help you make an educated decision when it comes to buying a Switch.

Here is a quick overview of the three Switch models to get started:

  • Nintendo Switch (OLED model) — $349.99, better screen, more internal storage, improved stand, with LAN port and improved onboard speakers.
  • Nintendo Switch — $299.99, the standard model, play on the go and on the TV.
  • Nintendo Switch Lite — $199.99, cheapest, handled only play, no TV connection.

Nintendo Switch vs Nintendo Switch OLED model

nintendo switch oled model

The new OLED model of the Switch is not the long awaited Switch PRO. It has the same processor and memory as the regular Switch console. As such, it does not support higher resolutions when connected to a TV or display.

All games and peripherals, e.g. joy-cons, work on the regular Nintendo Switch and the OLED model of the Switch. You may also place an old Switch in the new dock and an OLED model of the Switch in an old dock without experiencing any issues. Battery life and charging time are the same for both consoles.

Nintendo uses OLED technology for the Switch’s own screen and has increased the size of the screen from 6.2 inches to 7 inches. The larger screen increased the size of the Switch slightly. From 9.4 inches of the regular version to 9.5 inches of the OLED version. Weight increased as well, from 0.66 lbs to 0.71 lbs.

Another major improvement is the OLED model’s storage, as Nintendo has doubled the storage that is available in the model from the regular Switch’s 32 Gigabytes to 64 Gigabytes. Both models support microSD cards to expand storage further.

The new Nintendo Switch model comes with improved audio speakers on the device according to Nintendo, but the audio experience is the same if you use headphones, TV speakers or other audio hardware.

The dock of the OLED model has a LAN port, which means that you may connect an Ethernet cable to it from your router or modem for Internet connectivity. The stand, available to use the Nintendo Switch in tabletop mode, has improved in the new version of the Switch.

And the Nintendo Switch Lite?

The Nintendo Switch Lite is designed for handheld play. You cannot connect it to a TV screen or monitor. It has a smaller 5.5. inches screen, weights .61 lbs, and comes with a less powerful battery, which reduces battery life to 3-7 hours. The non-Lite models have larger batteries and a battery life between 4.5 and 9 hours.

The Switch Lite has the same hardware as the regular version. It comes with 32 Gigabytes of storage that you may expand.

Which Switch is right for you?

If you want to play in handheld mode and on a TV: Nintendo Switch (OLED model)

  • The OLED model has the best Switch screen, expanded storage, a LAN port and an improved stand.

If you only want to play in handheld mode: Nintendo Switch (OLED model) or Nintendo Switch Lite

  • If price does not play a role, pick the OLED model as it has the best screen (larger and better) and better battery life as the Lite model. If price is an issue, pick the Lite model.

If price is a deciding factor: Nintendo Switch regular or Lite

  • You may $50 less for the non-OLED model of the Switch. You get a screen on the device that is not as good and less storage, but that is about it. The Lite model’s price is $100 less than the regular Switch’s price, but you cannot connect it to a TV.

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