Shutterdial lets you find Images based on Camera Settings


When it comes to using a digital camera or the DSLR, you ought to know different camera settings like shutter speed, aperture, ISO, etc. Also, the lens can make your images beautiful. If you are starting your photography course, you may want to check some beautiful images shot by different photographers. Obviously, you can opt for various image sharing platforms such as Flickr. However, if you want to find images based on camera settings like aperture, shutter speed, etc. you may want to visit a website like Shutterdial.

Flickr, 500px, etc. are excellent websites that allow people to check some images shot by various cameras. However, you need to open every photo to check the EXIF data or metadata. If you are in a hurry, you may not find the perfect image that you are looking for. However, Shutterdial will allow you to find images based on category, lens, aperture, and shutter speed. It is a free web app, and you can utilize it without having an expert knowledge about cameras or photography.

Shutterdial find Images based on Camera Settings

Search or Find Images by Camera Settings

Before using this website, you should know the background process. The website gathers images from Flickr and 500px. When a user makes a search on this website, the implemented API makes a search on Flickr and 500px and finds out the suitable images right away. In other words, when you make a search, Shutterdial reads all the data of all the images on Flickr and 500px and then finds what you are looking for.

To get started with this tool, head over to the website.

There you can enter different values such as image category (birds, animals, landscape, wildlife, sunset, and much more), lens size, aperture, and shutter speed. You will then find some images displayed right on your screen.

Do you have the permission to use those images on your website?

In simple words, it depends. It depends on the picture license. Although Shutterdial shows images on their website, you may not use all the images on your own website. A vast majority of images have Copyright, and very few of them are licensed under Creative Commons. So you should check the license on Flickr or 500px before using them anywhere.