Sims 4 Pets Rumors: All The Evidence Dogs And Cats Are Coming

    The strongest piece of evidence yet regarding a Sims 4: Pets expansion pack is here. A Slovakian retail site listed Sims 4 : Dogs And Cats on its product page. It was removed shortly after, but not before Sims Community snapped a screenshot. If the leak proves true, the long-awaited DLC is slated for an early November 2017 release.

    Sims modders have found numerous instances of a Pets pack in game code over the past year, but there have also been some more obvious clues as of late, as recently as the Parenthood game pack last week. So let’s take a look at every piece of evidence yet regarding a Pets pack featuring cats and dogs.

    The Jean Jacket With The Paw Patch

    This hint is the most obvious of them all. The Sims team clearly isn’t trying to hide this. This same strategy was used to tease City Living, which was done by releasing a T-shirt with the city skyline.

    unnamed file 55 This shirt from latest game pack has a paw print and it can't be a coincidence. unnamed file 56 This shirt teased the City Living game pack before it was announced.

    Barking Sounds

    So maybe this is just Simmers speaking things into existence but, there’s definitely some mysterious animal sounds coming from the keyboard, which is a relatively new object. I’d call bull here, except for the fact there’s a whole thread devoted to this. If you listen closely to the video below, you can hear a dog bark in the neighborhood, too.


    Dennis Lai is a Sims animator and according to The Sims Community, he listed one of his accomplishments as ‘quadrupeds,’ also known as four-legged animals, most commonly known as pets, more specifically being cats and dogs.

    After 100 Days In The Rumor Mill….

    Devoted soul Twisted Mexi spots another code which suggests pets can walk on certain surfaces, such as counters, bars, fridges, tables and beds.

    unnamed file 91 What cool interactions will come with a pets game pack?

    Two More Pets Surveys

    This leak included evidence of “small pets,” with the options being birds, ferrets, guinea pigs and reptiles. Remember, this is just a survey and there has been no sign of these animals in code. Oddly enough, the survey did not include cats, dogs, or horses – the three animals which have been spotted in Sims 4 game code.

    Customizable Features

    Game files discovered by Sims 4 Studio lists body parts which could indicate customizable features like ears, tail, and special fur options.

    unnamed file 92 Will TS4 pets have horses too?

    The Toddler Patch

    Sims Community modder Zerbu’s in-depth inspection of files in the toddler patch found evidence of cats, dogs, and just one line of code for horses. This leak revealed the actions of ‘sit next to’ and ‘jump on object’ and indicates there is a differentiation between small dogs and large dogs.

    Producer Slip Up?

    A reddit post from a Sims developer last fall seems to indicate two staple expansion packs: pets and seasons. Asked, “Do you think TS4 will get pets and seasons?” SimGuru Daniel said, “I think so. But what do I know.” This wouldn’t necessarily mean anything on its own, but the same producer answered another pets-related question on Twitter back in 2015. When asked, “There is a lot of speculation of pets being objects, like babies. Is it gonna be like that?” the producer simply replied, “No.” This was telling because he did not deny there is a Pets pack in the works.

    unnamed file 93 Are pets coming to TS4?

    The Initial Rumors

    A survey that surfaced in March 2016 first got people thinking pets were a possibility in The Sims 4 . The survey proposed the idea of being able to play the game as your pets, from their perspective. It also mentioned creating a breed from scratch and even creating their personalities, with new pet-friendly venues and even the ability to send them to work to make them less of an NPC and more of a playable feature.

    So there you have it, that’s all the evidence of the long-rumored Pets expansion pack. Do you think it’s on the way? Let us know in the comments.