‘Sims 4’ Triple Boost Week With Jasmine Holiday Is Back To Max Needs And Whims

Welcome Jasmine Holiday back to Sims 4 because Triple Boost week has returned, once again featuring satisfaction. Event NPC Jasmine Holiday will give you the option to gain 3x satisfaction or 3x slower decline in needs. Basically, if you don’t use Sims cheats, you need to take advantage of this. Once you enter the game, you’ll be greeted with a splash page explaining the challenge.

How to use triple boost?

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There are a couple ways to get the boost. Call Jasmine Holiday with your Sim’s cell phone and she’ll magically appear on your lot. Then, ask her with an interaction about the boosts, called “Satisfaction Gain” and “Slower Needs Decay.”

What will each actually get you?

Choose satisfaction to give your Sim triple the points after completing personal whims, which will unlock rewards found in the aspiration category of the menu. Lowering needs decay is a little more straightforward. Basically, get more accomplished during gameplay because you won’t have to pay attention to filling your Sim’s need bar nearly as much. Needs such as bladder and fun and all around happiness is much easier to control. “Needs decay” is probably the best option if your goal is to level up and have high career or school performance.

Using the satisfaction boost will give your Sim a happy moodlet, and choosing need decay will award a happy moodlet as well. You can only use one boost at a time. Though, Jasmine will let you change your mind and choose a different one. All you have to do is call her again. The boost lasts for six game days.

Are you going to take advantage of Sims 4 Triple Boost Week? Let us know in the comments below!