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Install Deluge BitTorrent Client 1.3.15 na Ubuntu 17.04

Deluge BitTorrent client 1.3.15 uvoľnený. Install Deluge BitTorrent client on Ubuntu 17.04 and other Ubuntu Derivatives. Deluge 1.3.15 is a bug fix release that resolves a few issues introduced in 1.3.14 along with other minor fixes. Deluge is a fully-featured cross-platform BitTorrent client. Deluge contains the

nainštalovať VLC 2.2.5 Media Player On Ubuntu 17.04

VLC media player 2.2.5 uvoľnený. Here’s how to install VLC 2.2.5 v Ubuntu 17.04, ubuntu 16.04, ubuntu 15.04, ubuntu 14.04 and other Ubuntu Systems. VLC media player 2.2.5 brings security hardening for DLL hijacking environments. Decoder: * Fix mp3 playback quality regression in libmad * opraviť…

How to Install VLC 2.2.5 v Ubuntu 16.04, 14.04

VLC media player 2.2.5 was released recently with a great number of improvements. Tu je návod, ako ju nainštalovať do Ubuntu 14.04, a Ubuntu 16.04. It has been almost one year since the last VLC 2.2.4 was released on June 2016. VLC 2.2.5 features: Fix green line

ubuntu 17.04 (Zesty Zapus) Available For Download

ubuntu 17.04 bol prepustený. The new version brings updated applications and various under-the-hood improvements, along with bug fixes. Podľa očakávania, Compiz and Unity have only received minor improvements and bug fixes. Na druhej strane, ubuntu 17.04 includes the GNOME 3.24 stack for the most

How to Install Cinnamon 3.4 v Ubuntu 16.04, 17.04

Cinnamon desktop environment has reached the new massive 3.4 uvoľniť pred pár dňami. Though there’s no official announcement published on Linux Mint blog at the moment of writing, you can now install it in Ubuntu 16.04, ubuntu 17.04 via PPA. škorica 3.4.0 brings over 160

How To Install Kubuntu 17.04

This tutorial guides you to install Kubuntu 17.04 operating system step-by-step. You'll prepare a main partition, a swap partition, and do installation steps using a bootable USB drive. Kubuntu can be installed on PC and laptop, and this tutorial is applicable for both. It's easy and

Ako nainštalovať Ubuntu andulka 17.04

Jedná sa o jednoduchý návod na inštaláciu Ubuntu andulka 17.04. Vzhľadom k tomu, Ubuntu Budgie je novo prichádzajúci do Ubuntu rodine, veríme, že tento návod bude potrebné veľa začiatočníkov. Tým sa vysvetľujú inštaláciu na notebooku tým, že najprv sa pripravujú prázdnych oddielov, aby bol bezpečnejší…

GNU/Linux Review: Xubuntu 17.04 pikantné Zapus

Please welcome Xubuntu 17.04, a newly released GNU/Linux OS with very low memory consumption and pretty desktop interface. It ships with XFCE 4.12, Firefox 52, and LibreOffice 5.3. It consumes only around 330MB of RAM at idle time, very convenient for low-end and old computers. to…

GNU/Linux Review: Ubuntu 17.04 pikantné Zapus

This is a review of Ubuntu 17.04 Zesty Zapus with both Unity 7 a 8 desktop environments. This release is beautiful as always, ready for serious use, and complete with more than 70000 packages on official repository. It will be supported for 9 months until January

GNU/Linux Review: Kubuntu 17.04 pikantné Zapus

Kubuntu 17.04 has been released on April 13th 2017. This review introduces some aspects of Kubuntu from it's appearance, Využitie pamäte, to default software and customization. It's surprisingly more lightweight in memory use than Ubuntu Unity, with gorgeous and Windows-like look, with complete default applications. toto…

Vítame Ubuntu Budgie 17.04: Krátke recenzia

Ubuntu Budgie začína svoj debut ako oficiálny rodina ubuntu v 17.04 "Zesty Zapus" uvoľnenie. It's a new choice of flavors with new desktop environment (Budgie) as operating system for us. Ubuntu Budgie is crafted purely for desktop use, no tablet-like interface (like Unity or GNOME), Vďaka…

Ako nainštalovať Ubuntu 17.04 pikantné Zapus

Tento výukový program ukazuje, ako nainštalovať Ubuntu 17.04 Desktop in step-by-step. This tutorial is intended for new users with screenshot in each step so it will be very simple and quick. The installation itself takes only 10 minúty. For all new users, I wish this guide

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