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Everything you need to know about tvOS 11

We'll get our first look at tvOS 11 at WWDC 2017 in June, and the update is expected to ship in the fall. Here's everything you need to know! Update: According to BuzzFeed, Apple will announce at WWDC that the official Amazon Video app will be

Fix vnStat Not Automatically Updating

There was a problem for me after publishing the vnStat PHP article, it's vnStat console could not update its database automatically. The result was vnStat PHP cannot update the data automatically as well. The cause is probably because I accidentally ran vnstat update as root. ale…

KB4020001 a KB4020002 pre Windows 10 1703 uvoľnený

KB4020001 a KB4020002 sú dve nové aktualizácie pre Windows 10 verzia 1703 (Tvorcovia Update), ktorú spoločnosť Microsoft dnes zverejnila. These two updates are released on Microsoft's Update Catalog website right now, a nebudú dané k dispozícii prostredníctvom služby Windows Update. Obe aktualizácie sú uvedené v aktualizáciách pre kompatibilitu…

NVIDIA správy 382.05 Driver WHQL Game Ready

We’ve reached a new month, which brings new games that NVIDIA is always happy to prepare for. This week they have released another iteration for release 381 of their GeForce driver. While less feature-packed than some of the recent driver updates, with no new tech being