Spoločnosť Microsoft a spoločnosť WhatsApp môžu spolupracovať na novej aplikácii UWP pre systém Windows 10

WhatsApp for Windows Phone is one of the few apps on Windows 10 Mobile today that continues to receive frequent updates from its developer. Unfortunately, the app itself is one based on Silverlight, which is what apps built for Windows Phone 8.1 used back in 2014. This means the app isn’t a Universal Windows Platform

Patch utorok opravil zaujímavú zraniteľnosť Cortany

Microsoft published the release notes for June 2018’s Patch Tuesday yesterday. A total of 50 vulnerabilities in the following software were patched; Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office and Microsoft Office Services and Web Apps, ChakraCore, and Adobe Flash Player. Among the usual security cracks and gaffes, there was an interesting vulnerability in

Ako zakázať optimalizáciu automatického disku v systéme Windows 10

Microsoft Windows 10 runs scheduled maintenance tasks on a regular basis; one of the tasks optimizes any hard drive connected to the system at the time. The operating system checks platter-based drives for fragmentation and will run defrag operations on the drives if fragmentation levels cross a certain threshold. Solid State Drives are treated with