Skype for Linux Now Lets You Make Group Video Calls

Skype for linux 5.4 running on ubuntu

Skype 5.4 for Linux Beta is out, and available to download.

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The latest update to the Skype Linux client makes it possible to place group video calls on Linux, though Skype reps caution that support for group video calling is ‘currently experimental’.

The Electron-based app also sees a bump in its backend, Electron 1.7.4, which snags a set of small stability and security improvements, including some fixes for errant tray icon behaviour on Linux.

Skype repo keys have also been fixed with this update (which may explain why a few folks were recently getting errors), and there are some unspecified ‘bug fixes and improvements’ along for the ride too.

This is the first update to the popular VoIP app since Microsoft retired the Qt-based Skype 4.3 at the start of July. Many features of the old client are still not available in the new — and now only — version.

Still interested in taking it for a spin? Just keep in mind that Skype for Linux is still in beta (which means bugs).

The latest version can be downloaded from the Skype website below.

Download Skype for Linux Beta