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Optimize wordpress meta title tags.

Optimizing your title tags is likely one of the most elementary and but most necessary actions you'll be able to absorb an web optimization plan. When you’re beginning a WordPress blog, otherwise you’re optimizing a longtime blog, you have got a number of steps to take

Can you safely ignore link removal requests?

Google has publicly stated that having somebody submit your site by way of the disavow device has no impact in your site within the rankings. And with increasingly link removal instruments erring on the aspect of warning and auto-submitting link removal requests for multitudes of web

Google+ Now Allows Nicknames Instead of Real Names

One of the main considerations individuals have had with Google+ is that customers couldn't use a nickname or a pretend identify as their identify on the social media platform. Namesto, Google+ had a strict coverage that solely actual names have been allowed. Google+ has now made

A Guide To Running Your Own SEO Campaign

Having an effective web presence should definitely be on your to-do list. Chances are, your main competitor has one. Somebody has to be on the top of Google for a search result, so why not you? There are way too many things to do in a

WordPress Tools Designers Should Use

1.Responsive Contact Form If your site isn’t converting nearly the volume of leads you’d hoped, there’s a good chance that your forms are to blame. MarketingSherpa has found that 56% of marketers believe that optimizing form logic can have a significant impact on lead generation. Even

The Best Chrome Extensions for SEO

Productivity/ Time Savers One click extension manager – Allows you to turn extensions off/ on without digging through Chrome’s settings. Lives right next to your browser bar. Linkclump – Runs in the background. Select how you want to activate the extension (I use right click) and

How to get back adsense account.

tako, let me guess... you received a little email from the Adsense Team about fradulent clicks... and bla bla bal.. to make a long story short they banned your account. Right? oh and to make matters worse i'm sure they said... uh also we are going

Secure WordPress Blog from Hackers

WordPress blog hacks can be very annoying and are very real as well. Več kot 90,000 botnet hack attacks are recorded every week on average, so if you ever thought that no one would bother hacking into your site, you might want to think again. The problem

Easy Ways To Speed Up WordPress

If you want to get right to how you can speed up your site, scroll down. If you want to learn why you should, read below. Why Site Speed Is Important You’ve probably heard this before, but when a person lands on your site for the

How to custom Menu Account Woocommerce

WooCommerce does not offer signup, sign-in and sign-out pages that are required on several eCommerce or subscription sites. Instead there is a “my account” page that contains option for registration and login. 1. The first thing you’d need to do is go to WooCommerce → Settings

How to Enable 2-Step Authentication for WordPress

The Google Authenticator WordPress security plugin is a very easy to configure WordPress security plugin that allows you to enable 2 step verification (two-factor authentication) on your WordPress blog or website to improve WordPress security. In this WordPress plugin review and security tutorial we will show

Adwords Campaign Section Introduced In Blogger Dashboard

Blogger has made a new addition of Campaigns in left sidebar in blogger blog dashboard. Clearly, intention seems to introduce Google Adwords service to all blogspot users and make them aware about Adwords use to increase targeted audience by paying for advertisements. On clicking Campaign in

Facebook Tips and Tricks That You Should Know

Facebook is worlds largest and Most popular Social Networking sites and Facebook Tips and Tricks makes cool users experience at Facebook. This post, you will go through the some cool FB tips and Tricks that you can use at your Facebook Profile. There are so many

Best SEO Friendly Blogger Templates of 2014

Bloggers is one of the biggest platform that used millions of peoples because it will provide you some advanced features for managing a professional site and here you don’t need to invest single penny on hosting, you can set up your blog in just few seconds

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