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Končna Intelova potrošniška platforma ostaja X99. Domov zdaj do
deca-jedro 6950X in nedavno posodobljen z manjšim osveževanjem, je čip čipov X99, kjer proizvajalci vržejo zvonove, piščalke in kuhinjsko korito. V tem okolju je tudi smiselno, saj lahko osnovna gradnja stane £ 2,000 navzgor.

Matične plošče na tem čipu segajo od £ 150 do, dobro, nad £ 400. Izbor resnične trdne možnosti na £ 250 je ponavadi pot, ki izravnava funkcije, izgled in stroške, veteran Gigabyte pa to območje postavlja v program X99 Ultra Gaming.

It’s bit of a looker, isn’t it? The RAM and expansion slots are supported by metal surrounds that add rigidity and enhance looks. The liberal use of white and red works well, subjectively speaking, and it looks better in the flesh than the pictures, though if you’re build doesn’t adhere to this colour scheme then it can appear jarring.

A thick heatpipe connects the top and bottom heatsinks that are installed properly – there’s no flex or give in them. Eight DIMM slots is normal fare, equally spaced on either side, but we’d prefer them to be a bit farther away from the CPU.

One of the standout features on the board is the extensive use of RGB lighting: it’s literally everywhere. Set by a Windows-based utility, the colour choice is almost limitless, but do be aware that you only get one choice of board-wide colour, meaning that different hues cannot be set for various areas.

Barve so svetle in živahne, Gigabyte pa celo devet jardov posreduje z dodatnim RGB glavi za izboljšane učinke, čeprav se svetlobni trak kupi ločeno. Če želite, namesto barve, lahko LED diode nastavite na dihalne in pulzne načine, obe pa dobro delujejo.

The CPU socket itself is of the XCHARXOCXCHARX variety, meaning that it has the full complement of pins for enhanced overclocking. Other useful features stack up, including Killer E2400 networking, an Intel LAN, ALC1150 codec, NVMe U.2 (not usable on a 28-lane CPU) and full-speed M.2 slot, and USB 3.1 in both Type-A and Type-C.

But, of course there are compromises in order to hit the £250 price point. ThereXCHARXs no onboard WiFi XCHARX though you can use the expansion slot for one. Onboard buttons are missing, so is a debug LED, and the clear CMOS is just two pins in the lower-middle of the board; weXCHARXd prefer it XCHARXround back.

Laying out all these features and the larger-than-normal cooling can cause boards to be too intricate. Gigabyte lays out the Ultra Gaming well. The primary PCIe x16 slot is far enough away from the CPU not to interfere with cooling XCHARX we had no problems with a Noctua NH-D15 in either orientation XCHARX and the M.2 slot, handy for super-fast storage, is between the second and third PCIe x16 slots, which are space nicely apart.

Za čim večje izkoriščanje te plošče je potrebna uporaba CPU-ja 40-lane, ki omogoča tristransko SLI ali CrossFire in prej omenjeni priključek U.2.

ThereXCHARXs no explicit Thunderbolt connector, but a board header enables an add-in card. Note the WiFi aerial housing should you choose to use an add-in card? Lots of USB 3.0 is normal these days, so is the Type-A and Type-C connectors. Audio aficionados will welcome the S/PDIF output. WeXCHARXd like to see a board-mounted USB 3.1 for the few chassis that support it.

Večina proizvajalcev običajno porabi dostojno količino denarja in čas za izboljšanje BIOS-a, ki so nameščeni na celotno družino plošč, in tako je tukaj.

Gigabyte has simplified the BIOS look and provides at-a-glance, live information on the system. Of particular note is the improved fan-control system – so many BIOSes expend too little effort here – and now you can simply drag various lines that strike a compromise between noise and cooling. Be careful not to have the points too close together, though. It’s handy that the fans can be turned off completely, something not often seen on these motherboards.

Of course, all of this functionality is replicated in the operating system through various utilities, but we’re happy to see Gigabyte take a cleaner, more efficient approach for the firmware.


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