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Microsoft moves printer drivers to Windows Update

Windows 10 administrators and users who connect printers or scanners to devices running the operating system may have noticed a change in how printer drivers are installed on the devices. Windows installation media included basic drivers for printers and scanners in versions prior to Windows 10

Bugs and issues of Windows 10 različica 1809

Microsoft released the October 2018 Posodobitev za Windows 10, Windows 10 različica 1809, on October 2, 2018 to the public. The update is not pushed out automatically through Windows Update but requires that users and administrators install it manually for the time being. Microsoft's official solution

Fix Windows Update Error 0x80071a91

  Windows Updates are critical to the system. They push along with themselves security updates which are crucial to the system. If a Windows Update is delayed, it could pose a threat to the system, and thus such issues need to be resolved on priority. …

Fix error 0x80246007 when downloading Windows Updates

  When Windows Update service scans for an update and starts downloading, you may receive an error saying Some updates did not finish downloading, We will keep trying, Error code 0x80246007. This may happen with any Windows Update, in fact with Windows applications like OneNote as

Kako Stop Windows 10 Updating Device Drivers

  Not everybody is happy about the way Microsoft pushes out updates to Windows 10. What with the biannual feature updates, which bring a new major version of Windows, and monthly quality updates, some people feel that Microsoft is taking away control from users. And if

How To Defer Windows 10 funkcija Posodobitve

  Microsoft provides two types of updates for Windows 10. Quality updates come at least once a month and provide bug fixes and security patches. Feature updates are released biannually and are a major new version of the operating system. Biannual feature updates are released on

Prevent Windows 10 od posodobitvi uporabe Kill-Update

  Windows Updates are the free Microsoft tools which are rolled out routinely to update service patches and packs for the proper functioning of the Windows Operating system. Microsoft regularly releases the patches and service packs as part of maintenance service in order to fix some

Microsoft releases KB4284848 za Windows 10 različica 1803

Trajalo je Microsoft nekoliko dlje, kot smo pričakovali, vendar KB4284848, nova kumulativni posodobitev za Windows 10 različica 1803, je končno sprosti. Microsoft je izdal kumulativne posodobitev za prejšnje različice operacijskega sistema Windows prejšnji teden, a ni za javnost posodobitev za april 2018 Posodobi različico.…