Sleeping Tabs Coming to Microsoft Edge and How To Test it Now


When you often have a lot of tabs open in your browser, you are using a lot of computer resources and may very well be wasting most of them because most of the tabs are in the waiting state most of the time. And that’s why a feature like “Sleeping Tabs” that makes tabs to sleep is hugely helpful. Luckily it’s coming.

In fact, it’s already made the debut in Edge Canary channel, as of version 87.0.643.0. If you are using it, on top of your stable version, here is how you can test it out.

Go to Edge’s flags page at edge://flags/#edge-sleeping-tabs, click and select Enable next to the flat Enable Sleeping Tabs, and click Restart button at the bottom right corner to restart the Edge browser.

Once restarted, you can enable, disable, or change specific settings of the Sleeping Tabs feature. Click the ellipsis button (…) and choose Settings to open the Settings page. Then go to System where you can find a new section called Save resources.

From there, you can set the time when you need to put the tabs in sleep. You can also whitelist a number of websites that you will never put in sleep as well, by click the Add button.

When a tab is in sleep, it’s dimmed in the tab row. Its tooltip will also indicate that the tab is in sleeping mode when you hover the cursor over it.

Note that it’s still a new feature that is still in the experimental stage but worth keeping our eyes on it.

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