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Snail Driver: Free software that offers the right Driver Updates


Updating your Device Drivers can be a pain since there are so many of them installed on a single computer. For some people, their device drivers haven’t been updated in a long time, but a software known as Snail Driver can help you update them easily.

Snail Driver is great because it is supported by Windows 10/8/7. Depending on the age of your system, Snail Driver might not work as well as one would want it to, but for the most part, this is a solid little program that should be used by all.

Snail Driver review

Snail Driver

Installing Snail Driver is a very easy and very quick, but what truly got us excited, is the user interface. This is the main reason why the program is so easy to understand, and ultimately easy to use.

When this free driver update software is installed and launched for the first time, a blue window will appear with a button that says “Scan”. Users will be required to click on this button in order for the program to tell what type drivers are installed and whether or not there are any updates for them. It does so after proper driver matching.

The software has 300,000 device drivers in its database of drivers, and the list is growing. Depending on the speed of your computer, this task can be over and done with in a jiffy.

Once the scan is over, users should then see a list of all the drivers the program has collected that are updatable. A single click of the mouse and every one of these drivers will be downloaded and installed automatically. Furthermore, we should point out that drivers downloaded by Snail Driver are stored in a special folder on the C: drive.

There’s not much in terms of settings here and that’s fine because it doesn’t need a whole lot of features. The idea here is to download and install your device drivers, and that is something Snail Driver does well.

Overall, great program for updating your device drivers. It worked wonders for us, so we’re sure it will work wonders for you as well.

Download Snail Driver from the official website.

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