Snap adds all-new features to Snapchat, including wrist-tracking to try on AR watches

Snap has announced a number of key new features coming to Snapchat.

Revealed during the company’s Snap Partner Summit for developers and creatores alike, the upgrades will be made available to businesses for future Lenses.

Scan is one of the most commonly used features on Snapchat. It utlises augmented reality to contextually place virtual objects in the real-world and is now going to be implemented in the camera homescreen itself.

It was previously a selectable icon, but will be more contextual going forward. It will match what you see through the camera with relevant AR experiences.

One of these is Screenshop, a new Scan feature that can look at a friend’s outfit or your own photos and find matching clothes from retailers online. You can then buy similarly designed apparel from “hundreds of brands”.

Also upgraded is the ability to try on outfits yourself, using the Snap camera. Wrist-tracking is added to enable you to try on watches or jewelry, while “true size” technology accurately sizes eyewear and sunglasses.

Brands will be able to also develop AR experiences based on new 3D body mesh technology. While new voice interactivity means you’ll be able to see what clothes look like on you with your device over the other side of the room – ie. with your entire body in view.

Another excellent new feature that will find its way into Snapchatters’ hands is Connected Lenses.

This enables friends to interact with one another through Lenses, either on different devices in the same household or over long distances.

One example is that they can build a virtual Lego kit together.

The Snap Partner Summit also revealed a whole stack of new features for creators. You can find out more at

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